We're passionate about making renting better for the world's renters

Movebubble Team Fun Facts

Girl 3 girls Boy 5 boys
Dog 1 dog

Just one team but... 7 nationalities

coffee cup 93 coffees p/w

Yes, we know… a lot of coffees and not a lot of girls. Help us get the balance right! If you’re a girl and can code, get in touch!

Quotes from the team

As a small company it’s very tight-knit – everybody knows everybody and to be honest it often feels like we’re just a group of friends who happen to be running a company as well. There’s a huge amount of passion to deliver a great product and a great service that will genuinely improve the lives of thousands of renters. That energy and motivation really shows, and makes it a really enjoyable place to work. We try to keep process to a minimum to the point where we’re organised but actually get stuff done.

Adrian Developer

I’m really enjoying working in Marketing at Movebubble. It’s challenging because as a start-up, we need to make sure we spend time on the things that will ultimately have the best impact. I’ve learnt so much in my first 3 months!

Amy Product Manager

I remember how frustrated I was when I moved in to my first rental house after university. Now I come in to an office where every day we are working together to solve real problems for real renters. It’s real and it’s fast and it’s exciting, and much more hands on than my previous roles. I love the energy here to get things done!

Freddie Head of Operations