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Rent, don't buy, says Kevin McCloud

22 September 2014 Carly Klineberg Read time: 1 min
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Carly Klineberg

Rent, don't buy says Kevin McCloud. Kevin McCloud, presenter of Grand Designs has urged Britons to consider the benefits of renting instead of owning a home. It’s well known that owning a home has become an obsession in British culture.

This is down to several reasons, yet is it always the best attitude or could we be happier renting? Although the presenter has spent a successful career helping homeowners renovate or build their dream homes (who often spend millions of pounds in the process) he believes renting offers a solution.

‘The prices have peaks then drop, but essentially property in the UK will always be of a premium because there’s not enough of it. So that doesn’t work for a country that is one of the most populated in Europe. There is a tradition of social housing in other countries but we don’t have it.’ McCloud said. He commented on the fact that Britons seem allergic to the idea of renting – even though it’s a perfectly good idea. ‘I rented for years and loved it – no responsibilities, no clearing of gutters. It left me free to actually enjoy my life.’

McCloud also criticised the Government’s plan to build 250,000 new homes a year will fail, claiming the quality of the properties will not be good enough to attract buyers. The Times quoted ‘Until in this country we get the spaces between buildings right, then every single housing scheme will fail. The home is the heart of people’s lives. It’s the launch pad of our lives and the sense of ownership goes beyond that. It stretches out into the park, the allotment, the car club.’

Do you think people are better off renting than owning a property or are there pro’s and cons to both? We want to hear your thoughts…


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