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The Best Places in Manchester for Social Butterflies, Foodies and Dog Lovers

11 November 2019 Simon Banks Read time: 5 min
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Simon Banks

Are you a social butterfly and love the buzz of the city? Is finding the best restaurants in town your number one priority? Maybe it’s neither, and you’re all about that four-legged friend life. Or, perhaps it’s all three combined! Wherever your priorities lie, you’ll want to find a neighbourhood that matches your needs.

That’s where we come in with our best places in Manchester for living in the buzz, foodies and dog lovers guide. Find your next home in Manchester with a range of exciting areas that include buzzy neighbourhoods with plenty of places to meet people, some of the best dining options around, and pet-friendly postcodes.

Read on, and discover the next area you might just want to call ‘home’.

Where to live in Manchester if you love the buzz of the city

Manchester’s fairly young demographic means there are plenty of party goers and social butterflies in the city, which is great if you’re looking to get on the social scene. The city centre’s where it’s at, with vibrant areas like The Northern Quarter full people looking to party and meet new people.

1) The Northern Quarter

Northern Quarter building

Full of culture and colour, the Northern Quarter is a creative hub in Manchester with a thriving social scene. Many of the bars, cafes and restaurants focus on creating authentic experiences, which makes it ideal for a day that offers something a little different.

If you’re thinking of renting in the Northern Quarter, you can choose from a varied selection of homes. There are new-build properties aplenty, along with a selection of apartments above the boutique shops and bars in the Northern Quarter.

Average rents:

1 bedroom apartments: £880 per month

2 bedroom apartments: £1,190 per month

2) Castlefield

Castlefield, buildings, waterway

Despite being right in the heart of the city centre, Castlefield is more akin to a village. This makes it a hotspot for those looking for a more low-key social gatherings, with its cobbled streets and canal settings creating a relaxing atmosphere to stroll around. There are plenty of canal-based restaurants and bars too.

Converted warehouses, boat canals and a few conveniently placed build-to-rent developments make up the crux of housing options in Castleford. Its central location provides residents with easy access to the rest of the city, as well as areas like Salford and Ancoats.

Average Rents:

1 bedroom apartments: £850 per month

2 bedroom apartments: 1,200 per month

3) The Village

The Village Manchester, buildings, waterway

The welcoming nature of The Village means everyone has a shot of finding a party for Saturday night LGBTQ+ or not. A plethora of bars and clubs equates to one of the best nights out in the country.

Kampus is a development with 500 apartments and space for independent shops and art galleries - and there are many other rental properties in and around the area. However, The Village’s central location means properties are hard to come by. If you find a gem, it’s a good idea to snap it up quickly.

Where to live in Manchester if you’re a foodie

Noted for being the fastest-growing food and drink scene in the country, Manchester is full of culinary delights. With new restaurants opening at three times the rate they are in London, it’s no surprise to see so many foodies moving to Manchester.

1) Manchester City Centre

Manchester City Centre buildings

The city centre of Manchester is a hotbed for restaurants and cafes, with an eclectic choice available for your hunger needs. Mackie Mayor sits on the edge of the Northern Quarter and is located in a grand Grade II listed building, while Corn Exchange on Exchange Square offers a selection of restaurants with flavours from around the world.

Shiny new skyscrapers are the name of the game in the city centre, with plenty of build-to-rent developments available. A central location not only provides an array of restaurants; it also offers excellent travel links and easy access to the city’s major attractions, such as Exchange Square and the Science and Industry Museum.

Average rents:

1 bedroom apartments: £915 per month

2 bedroom apartments: £1,290 per month

2) Rusholme

Rusholme restaurants

Known as the Curry Mile, Rusholme is home to some of the best Asian food in the country. Curry houses line the area, with each one serving up authentic cuisines from India and beyond. The Shere Khan has been going since 1897, while Ziya Asian Grill has traditional dishes and street food options.

Rusholme has some of the most affordable rents in Manchester, which makes it an appealing destination for renters who want to find a good deal. Options include residential developments and period properties, with many houses also available.

Average rents:

1 bedroom apartments: £550 per month

2 bedroom apartments: £800 per month

3) Salford Quays

Salford Quays buildings, water

There are loads of culinary options in Salford Quays, many of which provide views of the scenic waterfront - which makes it a favourite for somewhere to grab a bite, whether it’s for business lunches or leisure. The Lowry has Pier Eight Restaurant, which serves fresh British flavours. Other eateries include The Dockyard, an industrial-chic gastropub, and popular Chinese restaurant, The Real China.

Salford Quays is an impressive area that has undergone plenty of regeneration over the years. The result is brand new homes, restaurants and shops. Renters will also enjoy amenity-heavy developments that feature on-site concierges, lounge areas and gyms.

Average Rents:

1 bedroom apartments: £870 per month

2 bedroom apartments: £1,070 per month

Where to live in Manchester if you’re a dog lover

While the city centre is packed with shops, restaurants and bars, it lacks in green spaces - at least it is when compared to some of Manchester’s other postcodes. However, there’s no need to worry if you have a dog: many of the build-to-rent options in the centre are pet-friendly. But if you’re looking for somewhere with loads of green space, then look no further than these top choices...

1) Chorlton


Away from the busy city centre, Chorlton was named one of the coolest places to live in Manchester - and it’s not too shabby if you’ve got a dog either. There are parks and forests in and around Chorlton, including Chorlton Park, Chorlton Ees, and Longford Park. Many of the local eateries are also dog-friendly.

Expect to find more period properties in Chorlton. There’s a large offering of houses on the rental market, as well as converted properties that have been turned into apartments. Beech Road and Chorlton Green are the property hotspots in the area.

Average Rents:

1 bedroom apartments: £600 per month

2 bedroom apartments: £750 per month

2) Clifton, Salford

Clifton, lake

A small town within Salford, Clifton is a favourite with dog owners. Clifton Country Park is 120 acres of meadows, woods, ponds and ponds - great for little Rex to run around and explore. It’s also a nature reserve that forms part of the Irwell Valley and provides a touch of countryside charm.

With the best of Salford and Salford Quays just a hop and a skip away, Clifton is a charming village with big-city connections. Expect to find plenty of period homes, many of which are houses. There is also a smattering of apartments.

Average Rents:

1 bedroom apartments: £500 per month

2 bedroom apartments: £675 per month

3) Didsbury


Tree-lined streets and lots of green space make Didsbury one of the most sought-after areas in Manchester. Fletcher Moss Park is a botanical garden, while Parsonage Gardens and Didsbury Park are also popular jaunts for dog walkers - though some areas of these open spaces are restricted to using a dog lead.

Didsbury is more family-oriented, especially in Didsbury Village. However, there are still one-bedroom options and lots of other pubs that will welcome your pup. Palatine Road has the best connections into the city centre, and West Didsbury is known for its access to restaurants and dog-friendly pubs.

Average Rents:

1 bedroom apartments: £670 per month

2 bedroom apartments: £950 per month

Moving to Manchester

There are plenty of living options in Manchester, whether you’re a social butterfly, desire living nearby the best restaurants, or want a welcoming neighbourhood for your dog. Which area appeals to you, or have we missed any great Manchester areas for social butterflies, food lovers and pets? Let us know in the comments.

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