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Making the right move - a guide to moving house

11 June 2014 Carly Klineberg Read time: 2 min
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Carly Klineberg

What's your situation?

Figure out exactly what your situation is. You want to make the right move and a good first step is to figure out exactly where you are in life, and where you're going. It sounds a bit simple but if you’re in a steady job and you have a partner also in a steady job, a long lease is for you. However if you’re single, looking for work or wanting to travel in the not too distant future, perhaps look for more of stopgap.

Don't rush!

No rushing! Don't rush, no rushing allowed

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Give yourself time

There’s plenty you can do if you give yourself some time, including saving all the money you need for that first bulk payment over a few pay checks rather than breaking the bank in one foul swoop. You can also slowly pack things over time, moving can be very energy sapping so the more you do to spread the work - the less knackered you’re going to feel!


Exorcise the spirit of that inner-hoarding demon! We all have a bit of hoarding demon inside us and before we know it there can be a lot of unneeded bric-a-brac clogging up every nook and cranny in the house. Have a jumble sale, car boot, give to charity, do whatever you can! Just don’t take all those things you don’t need to your new property.


Get your tape measure out!

Measure up! We’ve all been there, at the top of the stairs on a first floor flat, sofa wedged between the wall, floor and ceiling, you wedged between the sofa and your dad and somebody else is telling you to twist it "at this angle, no, at that angle!" Well don’t make that mistake again! Measure everything up and make sure you don’t have fridges too big for gaps and sofas too large to manoeuvre around a tricky chicane or a hairpin of a landing!

Get organised

Make lists!

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Get OCD with your organisation! We’re talking to the point where it seems almost crazy, because that insane level of regimental organisation will pay dividends on moving day. Lists. Labels. Delegate people to rooms. Even colour co-ordinate boxes, for example; red = living room, put red stickers on all sides of the box and people will know where to take everything that's red. Print off a key for everybody and this will go smoother than a royal wedding!

Think outside the box!

Improvise - who needs boxes anyway?! The right move doesn’t always have to be an orthodox move! A wardrobe on its side and wrapped in cling film (to stop the doors opening - top Movebubble tip!) becomes a large box. A fabric wardrobe with the framework taken out becomes a large bag. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Bags for life, particularly fabric ones, are great for books, CDs and heavy, squarer items.

Travel logically!

Pick the correct transportation device! If you live in a mansion then a Robin Reliant won’t do and if you live in a shoebox a massive removal truck might be overkill. Extreme examples we know, but you get the picture. If the move is a short one and you don’t have lots of stuff then you may get away with a few journeys and a little help from your friends. Longer distance moves are more likely to require a van. If you do hire a "man with a van" it's a good idea someone goes with him/her in the van. It's extremely unlikely, but you don't want anyone driving away with all your worldly possessions!

Show your gratitude!

And finally - Replenish your helpers! A cool drink on a hot summers day will pick up spirits, or if you’re English, a cup of tea will do the trick! If it’s a day long sort of job then treat everybody to lunch, not only as a show of gratitude, it’ll also up blood sugar levels and energy and see a better return in work-rate!

Follow these tips and moving day will be an absolute doddle!



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