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Where should I live in London?

14 October 2013 Carly Klineberg Read time: 4 min
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Carly Klineberg

Where should I live in London? Easy! Whether you're a media type, hipser, banker, performer, punk or celebrity - you can find your perfect London area here! Since it's our  job to be experts in London, don't leave the blog without clicking around. There's a London area guide added almost every day as well as food, event guides and renting advice and loads more! It's way easier to find a property to rent in London when you know where to look!

Where should I live in London?

Whether you’re a banker, a hipster, a young professional, or a family man - London is guaranteed to have an ideal neighbourhood for you.

We've got a comprehensive guide on where you should live in London!

If you're interested in the best places to live in London, coolest places to live in London, the best places for young professionals, the most beautiful places, we've got all the info you need!

Where should I live in North London?


Image credit: Duncan H Image credit: Duncan H


Want to live in North London? This area houses some of the best, classic neighbourhoods in London, but they generally come with a pretty high price. Premiere places are:

If you’re looking for something slightly more affordable, you’ve got:

Where should I live in South London?


Image credit: Gareth Williams Image credit: Gareth Williams


Neighbourhoods in this area are relatively newer and therefore, less costly (in general). It’s got some great areas, and chances are you’ll get more space for your money. These are some good places to check out before you decide where to live in South London.

Where should I live in East London


Image credit: Duncan H Image credit: Duncan H


Living in East London? If you’re a bit of an artist, hipster and/or hippie then East London is the place for you. It offers a great mix of alternative lifestyles and there are always loads of interesting things going on. There are more expensive neighbourhoods in the area such as Shoreditch (in the borough of Hackney), but it’s still up and coming so it has some more affordable places too. You’ll have to look hard for those though! These are some of the best places to check out:

Where should I live in West London?


Image credit: Herry Lawford Image credit: Herry Lawford


Home to Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, the West is the face of London that the world came to know and of course, the backdrop of some of London’s well-known ‘pomp and ceremony’ state occasions! Keep a look out for the Welsh Guards in their big black bearskin hats as they patrol around here. Some of the best places to live in West London are:

If you want something slightly cheaper in the area, you can check out

Where should I live in North West London?


Image credit: Paul Hudson Image credit: Paul Hudson


Another expensive part of London, the Northwest has some of the most elegant restaurants, as well as the busiest bars and markets. Ideal neighbourhoods in the area would be:

Where should I live in South East London?


Image credit: Davide D'Amico Image credit: Davide D'Amico


There’s a lot of reasonably-priced accommodation in this area, and a fair amount of businesses moving in too. It also has good transportation links, thanks to the Docklands Light Rail (DLR). It’s not quite as booming as the other areas in London but it has Greenwich, which hosts a slew of antique markets, a great food market and beautiful historical buildings. Greenwich is the recurrent setting of many London films including Sherlock Holmes, Les Miserables and Pirates of the Caribbean. Neighbourhoods to live in this area would be:

New Cross and Deptford are less attractive but, like Greenwich, have great overground transport links across London, making it easy and quick to get into central London.

Where should I live in South West London?


Image credit: Docklands Tony Image credit: Docklands Tony


If you adore green open spaces, you’ll love Southwest London. There is Richmond Park and Kew Gardens to enjoy not too far from home. Families love this place, and it hosts very nice restaurants and shops in its high streets. Neighbourhoods to check out in Southwest London are:

Where should I live with a family in London?

If you have a young family and want to live near good schools in London, enough space for everyone and a safe neighbourhood. Ideally meeting this criteria are the following:

Best places in London for young professionals

There are lots of great places in London to live for young professionals, being a city populated by millions of them! Being a young professional means there’s got to be a perfect balance between fun and work. We recommend:

 Finance and banking

For those that work in the financial or banking sector, the following places are London’s greatest financial hubs:

  • Aldgate
  • Limehouse
  • The Docklands
  • Tower Bridge
  • Wapping
  • Canary Wharf

Design, fashion, and media enthusiasts

If your interest or line of work falls anywhere amongst these or you would describe yourself as a trendy hipster check out the following areas:

Lover of Warehouse Lofts

London was for many years, a major port, and there are lots of warehouse lofts that used to be used for storage that have been converted to flats in the following areas:

Are you a sucker for the traditional London experience?

If you want to experience London the way the world came to know this great city to be; lovely houses, famous places, cottages and somewhat rustic, yet modern and rich at the same time, here are some places for you to consider:

Where should I live if I love lots of varied cultures?

If you‘re a nonconformist looking for an unconventional community then the following areas host a wide array of cultures. You’ve got to check out:

The last three are all in the borough of Hackney.

Are you a 'wannabe' celebrity?

If you’re a struggling artist or someone who’s trying to get there, here are places that are good for your art: (Best options)

 Where is good live if you are on a budget?

If you’re going to try and save some money or if you’re a student or on a budget, less expensive options are:

Are you a sports and fitness buff?

There are parks and sports field scattered all over London so this shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you live in areas like Hampstead or Greenwich with their famous parks - perfect for running! There are gyms, boxing clubs and fitness classes everywhere in London, so take your pick.

Image credit: Davide D'Amico


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