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The Fastest (and Slowest) Broadband Speeds in London

4 December 2019 Simon Banks Read time: 4 min
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Simon Banks

If we asked you which factors hold the most importance when looking for a new home, a property's location, square footage, and whether it’s furnished or unfurnished would surely feature on the list. But there’s one other demand that is growing in importance with renters on the lookout for somewhere to live.

An internet connection is now considered as the “fourth utility”, so much is its importance to the home. 70% of people globally now work remotely at least one day a week, which increases the need for a speedy internet connection in the comforts of your own home - along with an extra pair of pyjamas to work in.

Who wants to spend time feeling cosy at home if the computer says ‘no’ when you're trying to get on the world wide web? Not us, and we doubt you do either. Fortunately, London’s broadband speeds are pretty good - in most areas. But which postcodes have the fastest internet speeds in the capital?

We’ve done some digging and found the fastest (and slowest) broadband spots in London. Read on, and see which postcodes have internet speeds that would make the Road Runner jealous.

London’s fastest speeds

Barnes, SW13 - 69mpbs

Barnes view from Chiswick

Known for its open spaces, village vibes and stretches of the River Thames, Barnes can add super-dupa-fast internet as a feather in its cap for reasons why you should live in SW13. Residents currently enjoy blistering internet speeds of 69mpbs.

How fast is 69mpbs? Let’s just say that it’s enough juice to download a high definition movie in about 25 seconds. Imagine all the Netflix binge-watching video conference calls you can do while you’re working remotely with those speeds.

Average monthly rent in Barnes

One-bedroom apartment: £1,750

Two-bedroom apartments: £2,350

Kings Cross, N1C - 61mbps

Kings  Cross Station

The N1C postcode represents Kings Cross. Kings Cross is located near Google’s London headquarters. Surprise surprise, Kings Cross has one of the fastest internet connections in London. How fast, you ask? A whopping average of 61mbps, to be exact. The UK average is 9.96mbps, just to put things into perspective.

Kings Cross is your area if you need fast broadband speeds. It also happens to provide access to the Eurostar right on its doorstep, which means weekend getaways to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam are just a hop and a skip away. Don’t expect superfast internet on the train, though.

Average monthly rent in Kings Cross

One-bedroom apartment: £2,100

Two-bedroom apartments: £2,850

Twickenham, TW1 - 57mbps


The south-west London suburb of Twickenham might be synonymous with rugby, but superfast broadband speeds are proving to be one of the primary reasons to call the TW1 postcode ‘home’. The average speed is currently 57mbps, which means residents can go nuts with their downloads.

There’s even more to Twickenham than broadband speeds and rugby (we know; what else could you possibly want?) with this peaceful riverside location just a couple of miles away from Richmond Park, which is one of London’s royal parks. Just don’t let your dog near the roaming deer.

Average monthly rent in Twickenham

One-bedroom apartment: £1,450

Two-bedroom apartments: £2,000

Enfield, EN1 - 54mbps


Residents are enjoying speedy internet connections over in North London’s Enfield. The average speed is 54mbps, which places it at the higher end the capital's average internet speeds list. Enfield also boats affordable rental prices, with a two-bedroom apartment fetching around £1,350 per month.

Good schools and easy links into The City make Enfield a popular choice with young families - and we’re absolutely sure that kids will rejoice at quick internet speeds that let them do their homework. Away from the dot com world, the area offers the charm of small-town life while being within easy reach to the hustle and bustle of central London.

Average monthly rent in Enfield

One-bedroom apartment: £1,040

Two-bedroom apartments: £1,350

Barking, IG11 - 51mbps


The East London district of Barking has seen plenty of regeneration and is earmarked for further investment. However, when it comes to speedy internet, Barking is already ahead of the curve. Current average broadband speeds are 51mbps.

Barking Riverside is one of the largest projects in London and is bringing thousands of new homes to an old power station site along the Thames. Residents are also particularly complimentary about the local market, while a smattering of bars has also proven to be popular and may or may not be the reason for some questionable purchases from online stores after one too many. Perhaps speedy internet isn't always a good thing. 

Average monthly rent in Barking

One-bedroom apartment: £1,095

Two-bedroom apartments: £1,345

London’s slowest speeds

Westminster, SW1 - 20mbps

Westminster, Houses of Parliament

Westminster is one of London’s most lavish postcodes, but its average internet speeds leave much to be desired. Those living in Westminster get speeds of around 20mbps, which is well below the higher ranges in nearby Kings Cross (did someone say Google?).

It's not all bad, though: downloading your favourite show might take longer, but you could spend that time visiting iconic London attractions like Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and going for a walk along the River Thames. Who needs dial up when you can dial into London culture right on your doorstep?

Average monthly rent in Westminster

One-bedroom apartment: £3,870

Two-bedroom apartments: £5,880

Rotherhithe, SE16 - 15mbps


Rotherhithe is one of the worst areas in London for broadband speeds. The current average is just 15mbps, with some parts of the neighbourhood known to dip below 5mbps. Infrastructure problems are cited as one of the main reasons - ageing copper telephone wires struggle to support high-bandwidth internet.

If you happen to call the SE16 postcode home, you might very well need to deal with slow speeds, which will change the definition of “Netflix and Chill” to “Netflix and wait”. Still, there are plenty of pretty Victorian properties in the area, so at least you can be in a home that looks good while you pull your hair out because of slow speeds.

Average monthly rent in Rotherhithe

One-bedroom apartment: £1,640

Two-bedroom apartments: £2,165

The need for speed

So, there you have it - London’s fastest areas for internet connection, plus a couple of slow ones to avoid if broadband connectivity is your primary concern. What are your thoughts on internet speeds? Do they play a major role in your moving decisions, or do they take a back seat to other aspects such as location? Let us know in the comments.

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