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The Cheapest Places to Rent in London

21 June 2016 Amy McKechnie Read time: 4 min
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Amy McKechnie

The Cheapest Places to rent in London

A lot can be – and should be – said about ABBA, and one thing for certain is they were right on the money when they sang “all the things I could do, if I had a little money.” Well, luckily for you, we here at Movebubble know that you don’t need to have Murdoch money to live the city dream in London.

Independent (Wo)Men: Cheapest Areas to rent in London for One

Whether you’re starting over or just starting out one of the greatest things about London is you don’t need to move here with your entire family, school friends and hometown. London is the best place to meet new people, try new things and explore new facets of your personality. Starting out on your own might seem daunting so we make it our mission to ensure the cost of doing so is anything but daunting. Using the app, we filtered the results for one person looking for the lowest possible monthly rental amount. All of London’s available properties were scoured and the cheapest properties tended to be South East London and North London
In South East London, there are several listings in areas such as Woolwich and Bromley that all run for the same price range, between £950 and £975pcm. Then we also have the anomaly that include properties in Earl’s Court in South West London - popular with young 20-somethings and sharing space with the luxe-labelled areas like West Kensington – going for £950pcm.

The Earl’s Court property is a gem typical of our app to find; we source out all of London’s properties and we don’t hide any of the costs. Everyone deserves a fair shot at landing the property of their dreams, so find it, view it and rent it. It really can be that simple.

Other areas that were cheap in South East London includes the likes of Bromley and Beckenham; great for people who maybe work in Central London but look forward to escaping once in a while. With walkable access to National Rail trains, takeaways, local high streets and gyms, these properties are perfect for the city slicker with townie tendencies.
Though North London is associated with higher costs, these prices tend to be for people with a higher income looking to settle down. Renting as an individual in the area surprisingly throws up a lot of very competitive prices. We have a great property in Tottenham listed for as low as £950pcm. The property is a 6 minute walk to Bruce Grove overground, as well as surrounded by amenities including supermarkets and takeaways. Check out the app to find your perfect place for one...

One is the Loneliest Number… Cheapest London rents for Two:

If you happen to dread the idea of living alone, images of Bridget Jones sob-singing into her bottle of wine plaguing your mind, then we also have great rates for all the couples looking to rent. Whether the two of you are mates, dates or just looking for London’s cheapest rates, our app has some of the best prices for double occupancy properties in South West London and parts of North London.

South West London is one of London’s best areas for low-key, less-crowded spots. Places such as Battersea have slipped quietly under the radar due to less obvious transport links to Central London, even though Chelsea is just across the river! Take advantage of this with stunning two-bed properties listed from £1,192pcm. A short walk to the lively, trendy Clapham (a fun albeit confusing fact: Clapham Junction is actually in Battersea) makes this area even more of a steal. Speaking of Clapham, a spot of fun commotion and diversity, there are properties listed around Plummer Road – a spot situated just out of the main hustle and bustle but close enough to walk in and out as you please – for £1,179. Clapham offers a thriving gay scene, as well as the best bars, restaurants and music nights in London.

North London offers a good compromise for two people looking to rent; you can find cheaper properties than a larger group could whilst sharing the same sense of ‘outer-London’ calm and quiet that the area provides. Church End is the prime location for renters who work centrally, but need an easy route out when it’s all too much. Properties in this area are a five minute walk to Finchley Central and are listed from £1148pcm.

Three is the Magic Number – Cheapest rents for three people in London:

If you’ve ever fancied a threesome – by which we mean your living arrangements, naturally – you are aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to find areas where three rooms of similar quality are offered at affordable prices. If you are the Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle of renting and are looking for your new friendship headquarters or if you are a family of three looking for a house to make home, our app provides the easiest way of finding the most suitable, most affordable properties for any trio – it’s threesy peasy

South East London offers some of the most competitive prices for three-bed properties with prices starting from £1700pcm in areas such as Nunhead Grove, part of the ever-expanding young-professional haven in the borough of Southwark. Sharing a close proximity with modern-day Peckham, fresh from its EU-funded renaissance the area is perfect for city workers and young graduates.

North West London offers the cheapest rental costs for three-bed properties in London, with the cheapest three-bed property in Willesden going for £1,603pcm and a great property in Brent Cross listed for £1,647pcm. Both properties benefit from the advantages of North West London's proclivity of feeling like one might be ‘outside’ London whilst still being a short trip away from central. Willesden has walkable proximity to two tube stops, Dollis Hill and Willesden Green which operate the Jubilee line, stopping at convenient locations including Green Park (go visit the Queen), London Bridge (go see the Shard) and Westminster (go… heckle the politicians). Brent Cross is perfect for those who maybe have a car as it has great access to the A41 and the behemoth Brent Cross Shopping Centre. The property listed on the app is less than a five minute walk to Brent Cross underground station so these properties really are adaptable for any potential renter.

Fantastic Four – Cheapest rents for groups in London:

If you have a group looking for a foursome property, you should consider looking to the East. East London has the most competitively priced properties with four bedrooms, with properties in Stratford priced from £2,000pcm. Stratford is one of London’s most versatile areas, with excellent TFL links, national rail links, the Westfield shopping centre and the purpose-built 2012 Olympic Park all massive draws to anyone from families to young professionals.

Perhaps better suited for groups of friends and professionals, Brixton also offers reasonably-priced four bed houses. Having had its own gentrification story over the years, Brixton is now a massively inclusive location, basically offering a smorgasbord of all the boroughs of London in one. A South location with an East feel, and maybe some typically West faces moving over to join the party!


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