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The Best Ways to De-stress in London

21 June 2016 Amy McKechnie Read time: 3 min
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Amy McKechnie

The Best Ways to De-Stress in London

Poor old London - and Londoners for that matter - are burdened with this reputation of being a loud, merciless, manic metropolis of beeping cars and people with language that should be beeped. It isn’t London’s fault. Everyone can get stressed; even Jay-Z found himself with 99 problems. If your city life is starting to lack the glamour you expected and you feel more Stress in the City than Sex in the City - you need a break. Luckily, you don’t have to leave London behind to leave London’s stresses behind, and we are here to be your personal gurus. Now, stop, take a deep breath and join us on our journey to find inner peace…

Relaxation Rooms:

The clue’s sort of in the name, but these ultra-chic, ultra-necessary rooms have become a necessity to any high-flying city-dweller. The Landmark Spa in Marylebone should really have landmark status of its own by now; the luxury spa is the silver lining of cloud nine for Londoners. An exclusive relaxation room complete with soothing oils, chic décor and customised music the very essence of the room is for you to design your own haven. If you get to that stage where you think you can’t make room for any more tasks or commitments, always remember you have room for the relaxation room.


Rub it out:

Sometimes clichés exist simply because they are true, and the cliché of a stressed out city-dweller heading for a massage is one not a single person can argue with. Having your kinks worked out and your tensions gently-but-effectively removed there and then is one of the most cathartic treatments available. Chinatown is a reliable destination full of qualified and professional parlours practically piled on top of each other. The experience of walking through and being lured into the correct one for you is a true London experience, so head on over and go with whichever grabs you first. A great massage and a wander around Leicester Square afterwards? Talk about a happy ending.


Let’s Get Physical:

If life is kicking you in your proverbials relieve some stress on a stranger’s literals… Self-defence classes (and exercise in general) has been proven to lower stress and let in some of the happy hormones. Getting your Rocky, or Rockette, Balboa on and beating up a stranger is the closest you could get to a (legal) fight club so we say knock yourself out – or somebody else, rather.

Self Defense

Pop the Kettle On:

British people believe tea is the answer to most things in life so it’s no surprise that an afternoon tea appears on the list. Instead of a builder’s brew, upgrade the experience to a full-blown indulgent afternoon at any of the several establishments that run deals for singles or groups. For full decadence you cannot do better than afternoon tea at The Ritz. This afternoon tea has been being served since 1906, and the traditional service has been honed to perfection. You also have the option of adding some sparkle to the afternoon with a champagne afternoon tea. If you’re feeling down, it’s time to dress up, show up and live it up in style.
There are more affordable, alternative options to the idea. Daily deal websites like Wowcher.co.uk and LivingSocial regularly run afternoon tea offers for places all across London.

Afternoon tea

Take a Paws:

Sometimes all you need is a cuddle. If you find yourself single, or find that the cause of your stress is that you are in fact not single, cuddle up to something that is always happy to see you – man’s best friend. A downside of living in London can be that many landlords or properties do not allow pets. However, never a generation to take no for an answer, some enterprising spirit has made it possible to temporarily take custody of a dog. BorrowMyDoggy is a website that allows users to sign up and become entrusted with someone’s dog for an agreed amount of time; whether that’s a lunch hour walk or babysitting if the owners are going away. No matter how bad your day has been, we’d bet you’d both have wagging tails after spending the afternoon in the company of a pooch. Why not take the dog for a walk?

Borrow my doggy

Walk it off:

Even if you go without a pup, sometimes all it takes to improve your day is getting out and away from people, places and things. Head for a walk across the Camden locks, walk across the Thames Path or visit one of London’s many great parks.

The Axe Factor:

You know when you’re just so stressed you just want to throw an axe? No? Well, now you can try. WhistlePunks were the first urban axe throwing business who allow trained professionals to show frazzled urbanites near sharp weapons. Based in Whitechapel, the experts will show you the correct methods to really get some distance on your swing, and then let you do your worst. Perfect for days when you just have to channel the Viking within; don’t drag around an axe to grind, chuck it at a wall instead.

Whistle Punks

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