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10 of the best London apps

18 December 2013 Caspar Read time: 3 min
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The huge, teeming metropolis of London can seem intimidating at times, even if you're a dedicated city dweller. With so much going on across over 600 square miles it feels impossible to keep track - that is, unless you have a selection of essential apps on your phone to help you travel, party, date and even search out artisan coffee in the city!

Get your trusty smartphone out and download these 10 apps (most of which are free!) today, and you'll have London sorted. Well, as long as you don't run out of battery...


This revolutionary taxi app makes us wonder how we got by before! The sleek, simple app gets you a taxi with just a few clicks, with everything from a solid black Toyota to a fancy luxury car on offer. They've expanded all over the world and your app automatically registers when you've moved to another country, so it's just as handy in New York and Paris as it is in our fair London. Prices also tend to be cheaper than black cabs.
Price: Free


You'd be hard pressed to find a Londoner who doesn't rely on the Citymapper app to get anywhere these days - even born-and-bred residents would struggle without it! This genius app gives you all the routes from your current location to your destination, taking into account the tube, buses, walking, trains and even the (sadly hypothetical) jetpack option, as well as giving prices.

They've teamed up with Uber so the taxi option will give you an estimate of Uber prices, and its also possible to save your most used locations and predict journey times if you have an arrival deadline too. You'll never be late for work again!
Price: Free


London pop up Image credit: James Mitchell

Established by three twenty-something friends in 2014, Dojo aims to give you a hand-picked, curated guide to all the coolest stuff going on in London. From pop-up bars to secret cinemas, the free app gives you daily recommendations on a clean, easy to use interface.

Compared to traditional apps like Yelp and TimeOut it offers more curated content, so you'll be able to impress your friends with insider info about the latest pop-up speakeasy street-food breakfast concept launch...
Price: Free

London's Best Coffee

London coffee Image credit: Fil Al

With too many things to do and not enough hours to do them in, London is a city of caffeine addicts as we rely on our cups of Joe to help us tackle the pace of the city. In the last few years there's been somewhat of a coffee revolution here as dedicated drinkers reject Starbucks in favour of independent, speciality venues, and this simple app aims to help you find them.

Check out the map to find a coffee spot nearby, read up on news & reviews and browse photos - this app has London's caffeine needs covered!
Price: £1.49


First date Image credit: Kevin Dooley

So you've found a cool event on Dojo and figured the route out on Citymapper - all you need now is a date! This hugely popular app is a must-have among single Londoners, who embrace the rapid swipe nature of the interface and the fact that you're pretty much protected from rejection.

All you need to do is set up a quick profile (which can be done through your Facebook account if you want), set age and location parameters and get swiping! If you match a potential partner you can start to chat, and with a few Tinder weddings hitting the news last year, who knows where it could lead?
Price: Free

Tube Exits

Tube exits Image credit: Hernán Piñera

This app may sound very niche, but it's certainly necessary if you're hoping to make your tube journey as smooth as possible (and avoid all the tourists wandering aimlessly with large suitcases!). Just enter in your journey, and the app will tell you exactly which carriages you should be in for maximum travel speed and less time clogged behind people looking for their exit. Small, but mighty.
Price: £0.79

Cycle Hire

London bikes Image credit: Les Haines

Amongst all the Boris Bike phone apps on the market, the Cycle Hire app is the most comprehensive and most popular. Use it to find safe cycling routes, locate the nearest cycle stations, track your rental fees and more whilst cruising around the city on two wheels. Just don't forget your helmet!
Price: Free

Map My Run

Running London Image credit: Sam JR

Keen runners across the city will love this innovative London app, which allows runners to map their routes while tracking distance, speed, elevation, calories burned and more. It's great for discovering interesting new running journeys across the city, and by tracking your data it's easy to see the progress you've made - or how long its been since you went for a run!
Price: Free

Open Table

Need to make a last minute dinner reservation, or just looking for an interesting new lunch spot? Check out the OpenTable app, for nearby recommendations, reviews and the ability to book a reservation with just a few clicks.  You'll never have to settle for a soggy supermarket sandwich again!
Price: Free


Yoga Image credit: Jean Henrique Wichinoski

After a morning run, cycling across the city, a day of work, a meal out and a quick visit to a cool new bar with a Tinder date, you're bound to be feeling pretty drained. Download Headspace, a calm little meditation app that's like having a Yogi in your pocket.

Through a series of mindfulness exercises which can be done anywhere, you'll be full of zen and ready for another jam-packed London day in no time.
Price: Free


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