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The 11 Must Have Apps if You're Moving to London

30 November 2018 Simon Banks Read time: 4 min
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Simon Banks

So, you’ve either decided to move to London or at least are seriously thinking about the prospect of coming to the capital. Good news, as it’s awesome. You will never run out of things to do, whether it’s the traditional sites, alternative experiences or just wandering your local neighbourhood and uncovering fantastic little gems.


And we haven’t even started talking about all the exciting restaurants in the Big Smoke. In fact, there is just so much to do living in London; it’s a good idea to have some snazzy apps to hand that will make the settling period that little bit easier.

“But which apps should I arm myself with for my exciting London adventure”, you ask? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with the 11 must-have apps you need to download and use if you’re moving to the capital. Enjoy.

Logo Movebubble



Oh, that’s us. Who would have thought we’d end up on the list? 🤷‍♂Well, you’re going to need somewhere to live, and our app is designed to help renters find somewhere they can call “home”. Scroll through thousands of properties, save your favourites, chat directly with agents and make an offer, all within the app. There is a reason why 250,000 people use the Movebubble app and Evening Standard named us property app numero uno. 🥇

Logo Citymapper


If you’re new to the city, having an easy-to-digest map that includes the whole of London’s public transport system might be somewhat handy. Thankfully, Citymapper is your one-stop shop for all things transport. Citymapper gets that maps can be a bit complicated, so it simplifies them and makes sure you can get to where you’re going with minimal fuss.

Logo DojoDojo

Dojo helps you explore London, acting as the perfect tonic for those who are new to the city. Find out about the latest spots to enjoy, from restaurants to events, hidden pop-ups to exhibitions and everything in between. Dojo essentially makes it easier to discover London and all of its hidden treasures - which is really, really helpful as the city can seem a bit overwhelming at first.

Logo Uber

There’s a good chance that you’re already familiar with Uber - it has become the go-to method for people needing a taxi service. Heck, there are even multiple songs about the service, so much is it integrated into the cultural zeitgeist. If you’re living in London, Uber will be a trusty sidekick in your pocket anytime you need a late-night journey home or don’t feel like jumping on public transport.

Logo Mobike

Let’s face it, Boris Johnson is somewhat of a divisive figure, and with “Boris Bikes”, officially called Santander Bikes, forever associated with his name, perhaps it’s time for a new, more efficient way of leasing a cycle. Enter Mobike, the world’s first smart bike share that lets you scan the barcode of one of their bikes and drive away. No fuss. No hassle.

Logo Monzo

Everybody likes money, but going through banks can be a frustrating process, especially if you’re new to the country. Monzo makes banking easy and was designed with the future in mind. There is no branch, as such. Instead, Monzo lives in your smartphone, along with your cash. Monzo is a smart bank for the smartphone generation.

Logo DeliverooDeliveroo 🦘

Gone are the days of only greasy fast-food restaurants delivering to your door. With Deliveroo, you can tap into every single restaurant - gourmet, fast food, fine dining, dessert, high street - in your area and have tasty cuisine cooked and delivered straight to your door. Technically you don’t need ever to visit a restaurant again, though such actions might be a bit drastic. Still, Deliveroo certainly has you covered if you don’t feel like cooking after a long day at work.

Logo acasaAcasa

Destiny’s Child once asked if someone could pay their bills. If just Acasa was around in 1999. Ok, so the sharing app can’t technically give you money to pay for your bills, but it does make the hassle of deciding who has to pay what in a house share much easier. And with many young professionals going down the route of sharing, Acasa is something of a dream app. No more arguing with Mike about that £7.72 he owes for his share of the broadband bill.

Logo Oyster CardTFL Oyster App 

While Citymapper helps you get around, you still need to pay for the public transport that you’re using. A TFL Oyster is an official card from Transport for London. Simply tap in and tap out when navigating London’s buses, trains and tubes. Top up your Oyster at the station or do it online. The process is super simple, and you don’t have to worry about scrambling for change when the bus arrives.

Logo TreatwellTreatwell

Moving is stressful - we get it. Once you have found somewhere to live, finished all the unpacking and explored the local area, you might feel like you deserve a little treat - some relaxation time, perhaps. With Treatwell, you can book spa and salon appointments, massages, nail procedures and much more. Book hair and beauty appointments with complete ease.

Logo The InfatuationThe Infatuation

There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from in London, but sometimes it can be quite tricky to find a good option without having to spend a fortune! Reading reviews online could be misleading at times, that's why it's important to have a trustworthy source to refer to when it comes to experiment new places for your nights out! The Infatuation, provide honest reviews and helps you find the most amazing restaurants in London! Check out their handy app and make sure to read their genuine feedback before taking your date to another mediocre restaurant 🌭

Get the Best of London in Your Pocket

With these apps, you will be fully equipped to get the most out of London and start enjoying the capital from the off. Which one of these apps (if not all) will you be using? And have we missed any that you think are worth adding to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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