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Twenty five awesome things about working in London

2 October 2014 Cat Byers Read time: 4 min
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Cat Byers

We admit that we're probably a bit biased, but we genuinely think working in London is awesome. From cool offices, hilarious tube signs, a veritable smorgasbord of lunchtime options and plenty to do after work, we feel pretty lucky to be based in this great city. Still not convinced? Read on to find out just how great working in the Big Smoke can be!

1. Thirsty Thursdays

The glorious institution that is Thirsty Thursdays, where office workers all over the city descend on the nearest boozing establishment as soon as the clock hits 6. Still got emails to send? Not on a Thursday evening, you don't.

2. Holidays

Lots of people go on about the pros and cons of working in London vs working in New York, but at the end of the day, we get way more holiday days than them - a staggering 11 days more based on average leave allowances. Although given their weather, they would probably use them for a better purpose than to catch up on Netflix in bed (guilty).

3. Bank Holidays

If getting more holiday isn't enough, we also have these magical things known as Bank Holidays. There are eight in total throughout the year, and everything operates to Sunday hours. Hooray for an extra day in bed!

4. We have the best companies

America, Asia, Europe - but we have some of the best companies of all time right here in London. Everyone from Google to GlaxoSmithKline has an office here, so if you want to climb the career ladder there are few better places to be.
I'm kind of a big deal

5. There are so many job roles

Saying that, we've also got pretty much every job that exists on offer here. There's no limit to what you can be if you put your mind to it (and do enough unpaid internships...)
The limit does not exist

6. The tube isn't THAT bad

The tube may be a sweaty, crammed hell-hole at the best of times and frequently stop working due to mysterious 'engineering works', but they've definitely got a sense of humour that will brighten up your commute.

One Direction Photo credit: www.huffingtonpost.co.uk


7. Amazing entertainment

Aside from the signs, the tube is pretty much full of entertainment. From naked commuters, yodelling buskers and drunk men in santa costumes, you'll never run out of things to look at.

Tube Superheroes Photo credit: www.wallis.com


8. The technology

We like to think we're rather advanced when it comes to technology, so all London transport now accepts contactless debit cards as payment, and the journey will still be the same price and capped in the same way as an Oyster card. Never again will you be late to work because of the top-up queue.

9. Night buses

Night buses mean that even if your quick drink after work turns into a 7-hour marathon, you can still make it home in enough time to get some sleep before work the next day. Expect the weird and wonderful! Coming soon in late 2016 the tube will also be running 24 hours, happy people watching!

10. Free stuff!

Forgotten to bring a book on the commute? No fear - we have loads of free magazines and newspapers that are actually well-respected, like TimeOut, Stylist and the Evening Standard. Yaaay, free stuff!
Ahhhhhh right

11. There's always something happening

London is constantly buzzing, with new openings and events every night of the week. There's always something for you to do, whether it's a pop-up Crazy Golf Warehouse (yes, that's a real thing) or a Ghanaian Supper club (also real).

12. Christmas parties

It’s considered an annual rite of passage to drink too much at the office Christmas party, tell everyone what you really think of them, dance on a table wearing felt antlers and attempt to kiss your work crush.
Office Party

13. Cool offices

Along with lots of big, important Fortune 500 companies, we also have some pretty cool offices. Mind Candy (home of Moshi Monsters) has a giant slide and a tree house that's used for meetings, while Google have allotments on the roof and space hoppers.
I'm so fancy

14. Even cooler stuff inside the offices

Our start-up offices have beer fridges, ping-pong tables that come out in the evening, and even the occasional puppy! PUPPIES AT WORK! What could be better?
We cannot confirm nor deny that we have a Nintendo 64 in our office.
Office Dog

15. You can do just about anything for work

Being a capital city full of opportunities, if you don't fancy a traditional job there's a load more you can apply for - how does being a mystery diner, professional queuer, window cleaner at the Gherkin or zombie at the London Dungeons sound?
Soldier in red is dancing with yoiu

16. The occasional happy person

Victoria Station has a brilliant Rastaman called Carl Downer, who spreads happiness, positivity and rastafarian vibes over the loudspeaker all day every day, brightening up every tube journey.

Victoria Station Craziness Photo credit: www.vice.com


17. The food is incredible

Since the food scene in London has blown up over the last few years, lunchtime is now a whole lot better than just a soggy sandwich. There are markets and street food stalls all over the city, so you can treat yourself to something really delicious for under a fiver.
Tina Fey mac and Cheese

18. There's a lot of history

For any history buffs out there, it's likely that your walk to and from work will include some amazing historic sights and buildings that tourists travel across the world to see. Take that, cities that are less than 2,000 years old.

What's the blue flag?

19. The weather

The UK isn't very good at dealing with snow. Even though we'll talk about it for days before it arrives, when it does finally fall the whole city freaks out, the buses stop running and large chunks of the tube close (despite being underground..). Do you know what that means? SNOW DAY!

Snow Day from Frozen

20. FOOD.

Any work meeting will usually involve cake, biscuits, or both, and when it's someone's birthday there is a 99% chance of a Colin the Caterpillar cake turning up.
So cute!

21. Smart or casual?

Most companies with a formal dress code (such as in finance or law), will have a 'Casual Friday' where you can wear something more relaxed. Perfect for going out after work too!

Lacroix sweetie! Photo credit: www.bbc.co.uk


22. Late night everything

Even if you get stuck in the office late, shops, bars and restaurants in Central London tend to stay open late too, so you'll never miss out on after work shopping. The department stores on Oxford Street don't close until 10pm at the earliest, and everything is open even later on Thursdays.
It's all happening

23. Hangovers aren't that bad

Because of the wonderful Thirsty Thursdays, it's generally accepted that everyone (including the boss) will be pretty hungover on a Friday. Fortunately, this leads to things like Burrito Fridays, which will improve the day in no time.

24. The view

If you're fortunate enough to work in one of our most iconic buildings, such as the Shard or the Gherkin, you can enjoy an amazing view out of your office window everyday - the kind of view that people pay to see, except you're the one getting paid to be there.
Great view of London

25. The feeling you get when you get a job

Despite all these perks, finding a job in London can be a dog-eat-dog scenario. As a result, the relief when you finally get a full-time position after all the applications and unpaid internships is one of the best feelings in the world.
I've been waiting for you


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