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How to survive lockdown, 10 tips to keep you sane in your home!

6 April 2020 Aidan Rushby Read time: 5 min
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Aidan Rushby
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Last week, I asked the team… “what are you doing to survive lockdown?” I was keen to see what creative ideas everyone had come up with and some of them were really cool so wanted to share it with the rest of you Movebubblers. I don't know about you but it would be nice to have some positive news at the moment and after two weeks locked inside, myself and my girlfriend are finding it easy to start losing our s**t! So we wanted to help... 

It's rare in times like this that you have so much time to think, feel and do new things without the distraction of everyday life! Here are some of the best ideas the team came up with!

Become buddhist monk aka meditation

The first suggestion is from me, I have been doing meditation for a couple of years now and find it so valuable to get all my thoughts under control. 5-10 years ago I don't think i would have ever believed I would be into something like this but it’s really grown on me and now I love meditating as part of my morning routine. I read Andy Puddicombe's book “The Headspace Guide to... Mindfulness & Meditation” which I would highly recommend. If you have not tried meditation already, why not start now! 

Become a wannabe rockstar

David has signed up for online guitar lessons to make use of his free time in the evenings & weekends...in no time he’s convinced he’s going to be rocking out like Jimi Hendrix! Fender are currently offering free guitar lessons for the ideal lockdown time period of 3 months! https://try.fender.com/play/playthrough/ 

Turn your pets into Instagram stars!

Amy has been busy on socials! Maybe you’ve also got a furry friend or two at home keeping you company throughout lockdown? Well, why not share all their funny and cute moments with the rest of the world, because who doesn't love watching funny animal videos?! And whilst you're there, why not check out our two Movebubble sausage dogs, @alfie_and_archie_sausages who've been doing their bit to cheer up their followers on instagram with daily updates on their antics!

Become a Tik Tok Star

This next suggestion comes from Terry who has said - Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have surely heard of this craze currently consuming the internet! Families across the world are joining together to take on this dance challenge to The Weekend’s new hit “Blinding Lights”. I am yet to try it but have been obsessed with watching these hilarious videos online and am gearing up to try it soon with my flatmates. Minimum requirement, 2-3 people. Even if you don't get it right, you are going to have a bunch of fun doing it and you get to listen to an awesome song multiple times over - how can you say no? 

Start running even if you have not run since 1990parks and recreation running GIF 

Let's be real, running is no one's favourite activity but when the government tells you that you can’t do something, it always makes it a little more appealing! Of course we want you to be safe and not go running in groups or near anyone (and not more than once per day) but with all this extra time on your hands, what better way to spend it than training for the next London Marathon?! Who knows, you might even discover you're the next Usain Bolt! And don’t lie, we know you bought running trainers and activewear with good intentions months ago, that have been sat at the back of your closet since you bought them. Get them out and put them to good use. You’ll be ‘beach body ready’ by the time it’s warm enough to flash some flesh!

Cocktail Hour

Jodie’s motto is ‘“It's always 5’oclock somewhere right?!” - Get your friends together over a video chat and a drink (or 10) and have some fun! I have been doing this with some of my friends back in Australia and whilst it's usually midday on a Saturday for me when they call (..time difference!) it’s been made a tonne more fun chatting over a drink, pretending we are in the bar together. And I won’t lie, it also gives me an excuse to have a glass of wine early on the weekend 😆For your next virtual cocktail hour, try getting each person to make a different drink and show off your creation on the call - Margaritas anyone? 🍸

Sort out your Herb Garden 

Lucy says - “What better time than now to start your own garden? For those with a green thumb, this one is definitely for you! I’ll be honest, I've never actually successfully grown anything in my whole life but with all this time on my hands, my flatmates and I have decided we are going to give it a go. The best part is, you don’t even have to have a garden outside which is perfect for pretty much anyone - especially those living in a typical small London apartment. Currently our little seedlings are resting in their makeshift egg carton soil containers on the windowsill but hopefully we will see them pop out soon!” You can check out how to start your own here. 


Virtual Pub Quiz with your mates

Julie loves a pub quiz and before lockdown they were a great way to meet up with friends every other week to put all that useless knowledge you have in your brain to good use! Since lockdown we’ve found a couple online that are a great distraction from everything that’s going on. Dr Paul Quiz Group is one of the best we’ve found, he runs them on Facebook and YouTube and you can either stream them live or at a time that suits you. The simplest way to do it is to create a group on Messenger and start a video call on your phone with the quiz open on your laptop/PC and away you go!. There's a tonne of other ones online if the above doesn't tickle your fancy (google is your friend) oh...and be sure to check out the Instagram or social media of your local pub as they might be doing one too!

Host a Netflix Watch party
netflix binge watch GIF

Mel also loves Netflix and says “The choices on Netflix are endless with the amount of content on there. There have been some great quality shows dropping recently too...helloooo Tiger King anyone? With this handy Chrome Plugin, you and your mates can all watch your show of choice from the comfort of your own homes. Technology these days! 🙌” You can also comment on the show you are watching together so everyone can have their own say on Carol Baskin. (Netflix and chill optional...) Head to https://www.netflixparty.com to get hooked up!

Time to sort out your Spotify playlists for all the parties you’ll be having when lockdown ends!

Another fabulous suggestion was from Simon who says - “My Spotify was a mess, like a messy sock drawer, odd songs mixed in with playlists, banging dance tracks mixed in with ambient sounds… a mess! I spent about 5 hours doing this on the weekend. I just created different folders with the different types of music and clicked and dragged to my heart's content until everything was back in the correct music drawer! I also found lots of really good songs that I had forgotten about and have some great new playlists to listen to now!” Best done on headphones so you don’t give your housemates, partner or family a headache while you blast old school Ja Rule hits...

(Bonus tip) Pretend you're on holiday in Spain!

The weather is starting to warm up and whilst we may not be able to take a vacation right now, you can certainly pretend! Start by referring to different rooms in the house as if they’re your new travel destination. For example - Las Kitchenas (Kitchen), Los Lounges (Living room), Santa Bedroomes (Bedroom), Porto Gardenas (the Garden), Los Bed (in Bed), Costa Del Balconia (Balcony), St Bathroom (Bathroom), A Rotonda De Sofa (on the Sofa). So you could technically have cocktails in Porto Gardenas, go to dinner on the Costa Del Balconia whilst having dessert on a Rotonda De Sofa before rolling yourself over to Los Bed… I can’t think of a better way to spend my night, can you? 

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