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How to Find a Flat to Rent in London

3 June 2016 Amy McKechnie Read time: 3 min
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Amy McKechnie

When you’ve made that decision to up and move - whether you’re moving to London from far off mystical places like… Leeds, or you’re just moving around within London – it’s easy to jump straight to part B. But what comes before part B…
No, we really aren’t making that joke. We’re being literal.

Before you even start thinking about everything you have to do or before you start dreaming up your idyllic London borough, you have to actually know where to see what’s currently on the market. Keep those townhouse dreams alive, but dreams won’t keep you warm in the winter. Contrary to every single movie or TV show ever made, one does not simply move to a big city, find a huge two-bedroomed flat walking down the street and end up falling in love with Ryan Reynolds. Or if that is normal, we’ve fallen way behind.

Look no further…

There is only one place a smart Londoner-to-be should look for a flat in London... Movebubble. And don’t worry, we have ALL the rental properties in London listed on the app – so no need to check anywhere else ☺ 

Though we might have a slight bias, we really believe in the service we are offering. You can still look for flats the old fashioned way. You can trawl through the papers, look for advertisements on community boards or listen to your friend who has a cousin who has a colleague who has a spare room… but why put yourself through that when you don’t have to? You can also still order a DVD in the mail and wait 5 days just to have to watch it and later return it, but you don’t. Our point? Just because it was done that way before, doesn’t mean it should always be done that way.

Movebubble is made with love by renters (meaning we know what it feels like, believe us, we know) and as such, we want to share the love by making it easier to find a place to rent in London. We want you to love London, and love where you live. Home is where the heart is, after all. 

With Movebubble there’s no messing around with hidden costs. We show you, clearly and transparently, the first month's rent you will be required to pay before the big move. We can also show you the security deposit (and how to get that back at the end). The app will also show all you London renters the agency fees for each property so there are no surprises that will burst your bubble. We put renters first in our business, and pride ourselves on transparency.

Simplicity is one of the benefits of using Movebubble, but it’s true all you naysayers out there, we are not the only app doing this. We are the only one to show you all your costs upfront and offer you an exclusive discount but if that still isn’t enough for you, let us remind you that unlike other property apps *cough Zoopla-Righmove cough* we promote a clearer system where the renter is put first. What’s more, we promise to try our best to protect you from the crushing disappointment of building your hopes up and turning up to view the room to find it’s already been rented. As soon as we know a property is unavailable, we remove it from the app.

Our Watchlist feature also gives you an edge on the competition, enabling you to keep a close eye on the properties you love by showing you how many others are ‘watching’ it, and how many viewings have been booked. You’ll know if you need to act fast! 

You see the properties, you see the costs and you see if it’s right for you. Unlike other services, you can be in charge. Does it get any better than that?! …oh yes indeed it does!

Movebubble are here for you throughout the whole renting process. You can find the property you love (tick), book to view it through the app (tick!) and now you can even make your offer in the app (BIG tick!). Don’t waste your time negotiating on the phone with agents (we know you’ve got better things to do!). We’ll handle this for you, and give you a straight answer on your offer.

Tip: If you have the cash but not yet found the perfect housemate, why not rent through us and then find a buddy later?
London, not Rome, is the city of love for us. A sort-of underground band you might not have heard of (the music scene; another plus of living in London) once sang all you need is love. Though we think there are a few details they’re missing out, we have to agree. Your new flat, your new city or even your new life all start with a single swipe.  Join us in our little bubble of love.

Still unsure? Click here to find out how it all works!


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