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Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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Renting Advice

How do Holding Deposits Work?

New renters are often unfamiliar when it comes to holding deposits. So it can sometimes come as a surprise when they're asked to pay
3 Read time by Simon Banks

What is Shared Accommodation?

They say that sharing is caring, which might be why an increasing number of renters are choosing to live in shared accommodation. But
2 Read time by Simon Banks
Renting Advice

What is a Break Clause?

It’s not me; it’s you. I think we need to take a break. Or, in the words of the iconic Ross Geller, “WE WERE ON A BREAK”. Sometimes
3 Read time by Simon Banks
Renting Advice

Jargon and Terms of Renting: What do They Mean?

If you find an agent asking you when you’re going to sign an AST, so you can do the check-in before moving into the landlord’s BTL or
4 Read time by Simon Banks
build to rent

What is Discount Market Rent (DMR)?

The UK is becoming that little bit more expensive to find a rental home, which means tenants need to dig deeper into their pockets. In
2 Read time by Simon Banks
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