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Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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Moving tips

What Do I Need to Pay for Before Renting a Home?

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things someone can do. Finding a new home, however, now that's a lot of fun. There's
3 Read time by Simon Banks
Renting Advice

What Are the New Rules When it Comes to Renting?

Covid-19 threw everything into chaos, especially in the world of bricks and mortar. For renters, the usual process of moving home almost
3 Read time by Simon Banks
Moving tips

Am I Still Able to Rent a Property?

What are the rules when there’s a worldwide pandemic? You sort of need to make them up from scratch as the last time something like this
3 Read time by Simon Banks
New Builds

Bills: Are They Included With Renting?

Finding your new home is super exciting, but there’s lots to think about before you even make an offer on a property. One of the things
3 Read time by Simon Banks

London Rents: What Are The Averages?

What goes up must come down. Unless you’re talking about London rents, which seem to go up and up and up. Rents in London saw a 3.7%
3 Read time by Simon Banks

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