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Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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Why You Should Rent Your Next Home In a Build-to-Rent Community

There are currently 150,000-plus Build-to-Rent homes either completed, in development or green-lit ahead of planning. That’s fantastic
5 Read time by Simon Banks
Renters Rights

What is Right to Rent?

As a renter, you need to go through several processes to rent a home. Some of those are fun, such as finding your place and the part
2 Read time by Simon Banks
Renting a Property Tips

Can You Legally Sublet Your Home?

Renters renting out the place where they live is a thing. It might not sound like a thing, but the topic isn’t as uncommon as you
2 Read time by Simon Banks
Renting Advice

What Insurance Should You Get as a Renter?

Landlords often need to cover themselves with insurance when renting out a home. The most obvious one is landlords' insurance, which
3 Read time by Simon Banks
Renting a Property Tips

How Does Legionnaires Disease Affect Your Rental Home?

Landlords have several responsibilities to the people renting their home, including making sure that it's safe and inhabitable. This
2 Read time by Simon Banks
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