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Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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Renting Advice

What Are the New Rules When it Comes to Renting?

Covid-19 threw everything into chaos, especially in the world of bricks and mortar. For renters, the usual process of moving home almost
3 Read time by Simon Banks
Moving tips

Am I Still Able to Rent a Property?

What are the rules when there’s a worldwide pandemic? You sort of need to make them up from scratch as the last time something like this
3 Read time by Simon Banks
New Builds

Bills: Are They Included With Renting?

Finding your new home is super exciting, but there’s lots to think about before you even make an offer on a property. One of the things
3 Read time by Simon Banks

London Rents: What Are The Averages?

What goes up must come down. Unless you’re talking about London rents, which seem to go up and up and up. Rents in London saw a 3.7%
3 Read time by Simon Banks

What Do I Need to Do at The End of My Tenancy?

They say all good things must come to an end, and that’s certainly true of renters who are coming to the end of their tenancy. Memories
3 Read time by Simon Banks

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