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Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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Renting Advice

What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)?

As of July 2020, landlords are required to provide an Electrical Installation Condition Report, which we will handily refer to as an
2 Read time by Simon Banks
Renting Advice

Can You Change the Locks in Your Rental Apartment?

You might see a lovely house when looking through the keyhole, but can you change the locks of that very keyhole which is the gateway to
2 Read time by Simon Banks

What is a Reasonable Repair Request?

Getting the keys to your new home is all well and good, but what happens when you've been there a few months, and a repair issue arises.
2 Read time by Simon Banks
Renting tips

Do You Have to Pay Council Tax?

Bills are inescapable, which means you might as well get a hold on what needs paying and when it’s due. A few bills need paying around
3 Read time by Simon Banks
Renting a Property Tips

A Renter's Guide to Fire and Carbon Monoxide

From making sure you have all your stuff ready to go for the move to getting utilities set up, there’s plenty for renters to think about
2 Read time by Simon Banks

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