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Carly Klineberg

Carly Klineberg

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Renting Advice

What new immigration checks mean for tenants

Immigration checks by landlords are a hot topic right now. Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more paper work involved in
3 Read time by Carly Klineberg
Renting a Property Tips

Rent, don't buy, says Kevin McCloud

Rent, don't buy says Kevin McCloud. Kevin McCloud, presenter of Grand Designs has urged Britons to consider the benefits of renting
1 Read time by Carly Klineberg
Renting in London

10 top tips for finding a property to rent in London

Relocating to London can be an exciting adventure as you find yourself swept up into the life and culture of one of the world’s most
4 Read time by Carly Klineberg
Renting Advice

What to do if your rights as a renter are breached

If you believe your renters' rights have been breached, read on to know your rights as a renter, and what to do if those rights are
3 Read time by Carly Klineberg
Renting Advice

When can a landlord increase your rent?

Can a landlord increase my rent? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. The rules about rent price increases are fairly simple and
2 Read time by Carly Klineberg

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