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Moving out boxes ready to go

8 Steps to Get Your Ready for Moving Out of Your Rental Property

9 June 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

So the time has come to say goodbye to your rented home. It's been a blast, and good times were had by all. But now it's onto pastures new. Before you get too excited about your next place, however, you'll need to prepare for the big move-out day from your current abode.

Moving out doesn't need to be a stressful experience, especially if you're well prepared. That's why we've put these tips together to help you move out of your rental property with ease. So, here are a set of steps that will take care of everything you need to know before you move out.

Step 1. Find a new place

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of moving out, make sure you have somewhere to move in. Be well prepared for your next move, whether you're moving into another rental home, with a partner, buying a place or even moving back in with the folks for a bit.

Person using binoculors

If you're planning on renting again, why not use Movebubble to find your next place? We have more than 30,000 homes across London and Manchester, as well as renter-exclusive properties that place emphasis on community and wellness.

No matter your next move, make sure it's already arranged. You don't want to move out of your current home without a plan.

Step 2: Go through your AST

You've ended your tenancy, and now all that's left to do is prepare for a smooth move out. Start by digging out your tenancy agreement (AST) to ensure you have all of the move-out details. Within the AST there should be requirements which need fulfilling for you to get your deposit back. One of these will include checking the inventory.


You're provided with an inventory at the start of each tenancy. This details the pre-move in conditions of the property, which need to be the same (with the expection of genarl wear and tear) after you've handed the keys back.

Go through the inventory, which is often attached in an email with the AST, and cross-reference the aesthetics of the property, making sure all the original items from remain when you move out. If anything is missing from the inventory, the landlord is within their right to charge you for the item.

Step 3: Get packing

When it comes to packing, it might be worth having a purge and getting rid of items you no longer need. We all build up clutter over time, and you don't want to move into your new place with loads of unnecessary stuff. Plus, moving fewer items means less overall stress.

Packed moving out boxes

Give yourself about a month to get everything in order. Start by packing the non-essentials items, things that you want to keep but won't need over the next four weeks. Slowly build up to the point where you have everything all neatly packed and ready to go on the big day.

Step 4: Contact providers

The next step involves contacting your current providers to notify them you're moving out. This includes cancelling bills with utility companies and letting the local council know that you won't live in the property any more. 

Utilities and companies to notify before you move out

  • Local council regarding council tax
  • Gas and electricity supplier
  • Broadband supplier
  • Water supplier
  • Sky/cable TV provider
  • DVLA if you need to change your driving licence address
  • Bank
  • Local doctor and dentist
  • Insurance providers

Step 5: Moving out

Now that you've packed and told providers that you're moving, it's time to actually do this thing. If you choose to move stuff yourself, it's worth renting a large van or using a service like Zipvan. However, if you're employing the help of professional removals, there won't be much heavy lifting on your part and it can make everything much smoother. 

You'll want to save money if you're using a professional removal company, so it's worth looking around for the best deals. The majority of companies have a website calculator where you input details about your home and items, and they provide a cost based on the information you submit.

Step 6: Professional Cleaning

Does your tenancy agreement state that you need to professionally clean the property before moving out? The majority of ASTs place cleaning responsibilities on the outgoing renter, and failure to do so  could result in losing some of your deposit, often the amount it costs to hire a professional cleaner.

Cleaning equipment

You can decide how to clean the property, choosing to do it yourself or hiring a professional cleaner from a cleaning company. We recommend going down the route of a professional clean if you don't want to run the risk of losing some of your deposit. Professional cleaners have experience with end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Step 7: Check out

The check-out process is typically carried out by a property manager, though there may be some cases where the landlord does it directly. They will cross-reference the property with the inventory and ensure everything is ok. At this point, you'll return the keys (including copies) and officially move out of the property.

Step 8: Get your security deposit back

The final hurdle to moving out entails the retrieval of your security deposit. If there are no issues reported during the check-out, then receiving your deposit should be a breeze and returned to you within a few weeks.

Pound sign stacked against money

If there's damage, however, the landlord may withhold some of your deposit. Landlords can't keep money unless you agree to the damages. Any disputes between yourself and the landlord will be settled by the official scheme where your deposit is held.

Movin' on up

There you have it - eight steps designed to ensure a smooth process when you move out. Follow this guide, and moving out of your rental home will be a hassle-free experience. All that's left to do is get excited about your next living adventure, which might just be waiting for you on Movebubble.


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