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Movebubble   |   Feb 7, 2020

Introducing Movebubble's Next Chapter!

Movebubble App


Welcome Movebubblers! It's time to tell you all an honest story about Movebubble.

The Movebubble Story 

Once upon a time, 3 renters became very frustrated when searching for a new home, and decided that something had to change ✊
They gathered a small team, and spoke with lots of renters to quickly build a solution to their problems 👍
Fast forward a few years, and it proved to be a success! Over half a million renters joined Movebubble, and over 26,000 properties were listed at any one time… but there was a problem. They’d worked super fast and the product was struggling to handle all the new updates and improvements the renters needed 
But never fear! The team spent the 12 months re-building Movebubble from the ground up, and incorporated all they’d learnt so far which brings us to the present…
In just 7 days time, all our renters and partners will experience a brand new product 🎉 and we’re super excited for you to join us for the next chapter of renting!

What does the next chapter hold?

On 14th February, all Movebubblers can update their apps and will be transported over to the new Movebubble! But I'm sure the question you're all asking is... what is coming that we should be excited about?!


Movebubble Renters App

New, improved chat 💬

We know how important it is that renters and partners can communicate well with each other, so we've tuned up our chat feature to help with that. You'll get the lovely double ticks (à la whatsapp) so you can see when your message has been read, you'll get more visibility of when people were last online, and finally you'll get to see their lovely faces so you know who you're looking for if you meet them for a viewing! 

Renter Chat Conversation

More homes to discover 🏡

We've spruced up our home screen, to enable renters to discover more homes than ever before! It's super important that you've explored all the options when finding a new home, so that you can ensure you've found the perfect one. Our new home screen helps you discover properties with 5⭐️ partners, pet friendly homes, homes in the city centre, and much more! All within your budget 💵

Renter Homepage

Enhanced renter profile 👩‍💼

On some old-school property search websites, you have to continually repeat yourself when enquiring about homes, but not on Movebubble! We've enhanced the renter profile, so that you can give partners a greater level of detail about what you're looking for and your moving situation, so that you can save loads of time on your search, and not have to repeat yourself! Some newly added features in the profile include; how long you're looking to stay in your new home, any pets you're moving with, your household income, and space for you to write a little bio to give more information.

Renter Profile

Supercharged filters 🔍

One common frustration that renters experience is when they cannot filter their search by what's really important. When you update to the new product, you'll be able to filter to your heart's content! Some key enhancements include being able to specify exact price (to the pound!), entire homes or room only, and a whole host of other features such as Newly Refurbished, Bike Storage, Parking and many more!

Renter Search Results

For the competitive partners out there 🏆

We're loving all our amazing partners who've supported our mission to create the world's best renting experience, and better still, we're starting to see the competition hotting up between the partners! When partners update their app and desktop versions, they'll now have much more visibility on how they're performing against their competition, and others in their team! So now it's easy to see how to be the top Movebubble partner 🏅

Partner Profile

So... how do I get the new app? 📱

We thought you might ask that one! As of 14th February, you can click on the links below to head to the App Store and Play Store to get your update 😃

Movebubble App for Renters

Update the app to discover all the new shiny features!

Movebubble App for Partners

Update The Partner App

Sneak preview into what's coming later in the year... For renters 🕵️‍♀️

  • New, improved map search!
  • More opportunities to rate and review your favourite Movebubble partners, which helps to make renting better for everyone
  • Send and receive files, photos and videos when you're chatting to partners, to keep all your communication in one place, and find out more about the homes you love
  • Discover price reductions and offers on homes, so you can make sure you're getting the best price


And for our lovely partners 🕵️‍♂️

  • More visibility of how you and your team are performing, so you can be the best partner in your city
  • Send and receive files, photos and videos when you're chatting to renters to improve communication and help renters find homes faster
  • Review and edit your live properties to ensure the information is as up to date as possible
Get the Movebubble App Today

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