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Manchester News   |   Mar 25, 2019

Movebubble is Coming to Manchester!

Movebubble is Coming to Manchester

Like London, the city of Manchester is a place that always has something going on. It’s a cultural kaleidoscope full of entertainment, creativity and buzz. Which is why it makes perfect sense for Movebubble to head up north to Manchester.

That’s right - from April 2nd, we’ll be doing it for the renters in Manchester, using the same formula that has proven so successful in London. We’ll still show just as much love to renters in the capital, but now we’re adding Manchester to the list. Excitement levels 10! 😃

We’ve put this post together to explain why we’re off to Manchester, and what it means for the renters of the city (hint, it means good things) and what they can look forward to in the coming months and beyond.

So, get ready and join us on the Movebubble train to Manchester. 🚆

What is Movebubble?


For those of you who are new to the concept of Movebubble, allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re essentially a rental encyclopedia, covering everything you need to know about renting a home. That’s why our motto is doing it for renters.

We want to give renters the best chance of finding homes, which we do with our app that lets you experience the rental journey all under one roof. Search for properties, initiate contact with agents, add your favourite homes to watchlists, and rate agents you interact with to help make renting better for everyone.

Renters are the heart of everything we do because we know how important you are to the lettings industry - and you deserve to live in your dream home just as much as homeowners. There are currently 300k-plus renters signed up to Movebubble in London, and we were voted the best property app by The Evening Standard.

We get renters and are excited to expand our service to the awesome people of Manchester.

Movebubble ❤️Manchester


We dig the fact that Manchester plays such an influential role in technology, entertainment and creativity - not to mention its top-quality shopping, variety of restaurants across the city, and musical roots ( Stone Roses, Oasis and late nights at the Haçienda, anyone?).

Just 10 years ago, Manchester City Centre had a population of around 10,000. Today, it’s more than 70,000, many of which are renters. It has become one of the most exciting cities in the world, which makes going there a natural evolution for us.

There is a strong demographic of young professionals as well as a high population of students in the city. From the creative scene of the Northern Quarter to the scenic waterways and cobbled streets of Castleford, we want to give renters the best options available.

Moving to Manchester? Check out our Manchester Area Guides 👍

Movebubble One 😍

Movebubble is coming to Manchester

Movebubble One is a selection of homes that have been designed specifically for renters. We’ve partnered with some of London’s most-loved communities for all-inclusive living - and we plan on bringing this to Manchester, too.

Build to rent is a growing presence and is proving to be a popular option for renters who want more variety in their choices. We’ll be partnering with some of the most exciting built-to-rent projects in town, so keep an eye out for announcements soon.

Movebubble for Letting Agents


But what about the letting agents of Manchester? Fear not, as we’ll roll out our agent service that has seen 500 letting agents sign up in London. Show your landlords that you’ve got your fingers on the pulse by embracing technology to offer an even more intuitive customer service experience to renters.

If tenants love you; landlords will too. We also help you build your rep and provide the best tools to do so. Our best-rated agents regularly feature on the site, which means that your excellent service will be acknowledged. Instructing landlords can see who is the Crème de la Crème before deciding on an agent.

We’re not like the portals, who charge extortionate fees to try and keep an iron grip on the industry. Our prices centre around providing value for money. But enough talking - check out our prices page and see for yourself.

Oh, and before we move on from Movebubble For Agents, let’s not forget about the Manchester launch. To celebrate our launch on the 2nd of April, we’re giving all agents a two-month free trial of Movebubble For Agents. Like the sound of it? Get in touch to sign up to the free trial.

Manchester Lovin’

If you’re a renter in Manchester, it’s time to be excited. You already live in a fantastic city; now you have a team behind you that genuinely care about creating a seamless renting experience. It’s time to get mad fer Movebubble. 

Get the app and find your dream home to rent in London!

Leave a comment and share your knowledge with other Movebubblers!

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