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Movebubble renters helping renters Renting   |   Oct 17, 2019

Happy Birthday to Movebubble 🥳 🍾



🎵Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday dear Movebubble. Happy birthday to us🎵

Five years ago today, Movebubble was born - and ever since that first day in the office on October 17th, 2014, we’ve been doing it for renters. We think that’s a good reason to celebrate good times.


Ok, now that we’re all celebrated out 🍾 , let’s look take a look at what our 5th birthday means for renters.

As Movebubble founder and CEO, Aidan Rushby, puts it: “I’m super excited with the progress we’ve made towards our mission of creating the world’s best rental experience. I’m delighted that, five years later, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of renters.

We’ve created an amazing community of like-minded people who share our desire to do it for renters, and we’re excited to continue making the lives of renters even better.”

Nicely said, Aidan. As we continue to make the lives of renters better, why not join us as we take a look back at how things at Movebubble have evolved over the last five years, and what the future holds.

Doing it for renters

For too long, there was a disconnect in the world of renting. Renters often felt like they were an afterthought in a landscape that was primarily driven to satisfy the needs of landlords.

Over the last five years, we’ve worked on creating a platform that puts renters first! Every feature we’ve introduced has renters in mind so that we can make your experience of finding a new home exciting and enjoyable.

There’s still plenty to do, but Movebubble has helped shift the perception. We drew on our own renting experiences, spoke with renters about their plights, and examined the market to create a better way of renting a home.

Five years on, and the result is a more transparent renting experience. The Movebubble app lets you search properties, book viewings, speak with agents live and leave direct feedback - all under one roof. And it’s all possible in just a few clicks.

The renters

Movebubble was designed to champion renters, the most important people in London and Manchester’s property market. Our aim is to reduce the stress involved with moving, making it hassle-free in the process. But there’s no point banging our own drum (ok, maybe a few bangs; it is our birthday, after all), let’s hear from some of our happy renters who have used us to find their new home.

Ruta, 27



“Finally, an app challenging the traditional ways of searching for your next home. As a person that moves a lot, I’ve tried loads of apps and websites available but Movebubble made it easier than ever. Not only is the search adaptive but the property library is clearly filtered to match the standard. I recommend this app to everybody that’s looking for the next place to settle. “

Paul, 28:


“It’s super easy to book viewings and get a quick response. I don’t have loads of time to house-hunt, so I appreciate that I can spend less than 5 mins every day looking for a new home or finding out what options I have. I’ve recommended Movebubble to several friends.”

Zheng Hu, 30



Zheng Hu, 30:

“I heard about Movebubble from my colleague. Then I just fell in love with the amazing app. What impressed me is their super clean and tidy user interface and user-friendly categorisation, so I can very quickly locate the apartments that suit me best without wasting much time on any spam, advertising or useless filtering. Movebubble just makes life much easier!”

Here’s to Movebubble’s 10th birthday 🎂

As much as we’ve got the birthday vibes, we’re even more excited about looking forward. You might have even seen our tube campaign as we increase efforts to get the word out to even more renters.

Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing even more handy features that make the lives of renters even more enjoyable, so watch this space.

While we grow and change, one thing is for sure: we’ll continue doing it for renters.


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