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Renting Advice   |   Mar 2, 2017

Finding a Property: The Offer-Making Process

Making an Offer

You've found your dream flat. You've gone to a viewing, you've met the agent and you're keen to move in as soon as you can. What do you do now?

It can be a daunting process to make an offer on a property for the first time. Even if you've done it before, it can often feel arbitrary, not to mention time-consuming. A lot of agents require you to go back to their offices to sign a host of papers. Others require you to call and make a verbal offer over the phone. From there, they'll ferry your bid back and forth with the landlord. It can often be a Mexican stand-off until someone blinks first; a nervous wait by the phone, particularly if the agent receives several offers on the same property.

In recent weeks, we've been working hard in the Movebubble office at improving the in-app offer-making process. Here's why you should join the hundreds of people who have already moved through our service.

Did you know...

Renters who make their offer in the app save on average £1,160 on their rent and fees!

Movebubble: Our offers process

Using Movebubble is the easiest way of booking viewings in London. We believe we're also changing the way that you make offers on properties as well. From start to finish, from viewing to moving, it's now possible to do the whole thing through us.


What's great about our offers process? Well, no other property rental platform allows you to submit offers on properties through your smartphone. So whether you're chilling out in your living room, on the way home from work, or if you've just finished viewing a flat, you can press "Start My Offer" and the bid will reach the agents instantly, at any time of day or night. What's more, if you enter your card details into the app before you make an offer, you'll become one of our priority customers: your requests go straight to the front of the queue of 42,000 app users and your viewings get booked sooner.


Our payments system is secure – we use Braintree, a PayPal company, to ensure that your payment information and card details are never shared. The initial holding deposit is never taken out of your account until the landlord accepts your offer. We are one of the only services that guarantees you won't pay a penny until your offer is accepted and you're ready to move. What's more, it's really important to use a service which guarantees to refund your deposit in the event of disappearance or foul play by agencies or landlords. Yep, you guessed it - Movebubble does that too: 100% refundable deposits. No fuss.


If you make an offer, you can track the progress of your bid through our 24/7 customer support helpline – we're here to supervise your move from start to finish. You can also make the offer any time of day. For instance, if you're lying awake at night, struggling to get a dreamy flat off your mind, just start your bid in the app. You don't have to wait until the agency is open the next morning to call in. In a market where moving quickly can be the difference between securing a property and losing it, we feel this feature can be a game-changer.

Furthermore, we're the only property search platform allowing renters to make offers on properties without even going to a viewing. We recently had a renter, relocating to London from Qatar, make some pre-emptive offers through the app because she was keen to have a flat ready to move into before landing in the UK.

It's also important to note that you won't be charged at the point of making an offer. We don't take money from your account until the fee is agreed with the landlord and everything is in order with the agent too. In fact, Movebubble doesn't charge renters at all for using our services. We're here to make moving easier for you.

Why use Movebubble?

The bottom line is, in an industry that is notoriously slow to embrace change, Movebubble wants to simplify the process of actually moving home as much finding one. The growing belief in prop-tech is that apps should not just be about discovering a new place to live: we have to be doing more to improve the mechanisms of the industry. Helping to onboard offer-making into the in-app experience is a step in the right direction.

So, if you've found a place and are desperate to take it, just tap "Start My Offer" in the Movebubble app. Join the hundreds of people who have completed the Movebubble process from viewing request all the way through to offer completion. For the next few months, we'll even throw in £50 off the first month's rent. Not enough? What about a Deliveroo on us on your first night in your new flat? In a world where we're becoming increasingly accustomed to - nay, expectant of - doing everything on our phones, we're bringing the process of finding and renting a property into the mobile space.

Which would you prefer? Heading back to the agency for a cup of cheap coffee in a styrofoam cup, platitudes and small-talk as you sign a load of Comic-Sans-fonted papers? Or tapping your card details into an app, as if you're ordering a Domino's? The choice is yours...

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