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marketing   |   Feb 27, 2019

2019 Movebubble Marketing Campaign


It's official, Movebubble is 'Doing it for Renters' on hundreds of London buses and all major underground stations 🙌

Earlier this week, we went live with our 2019 campaign, created to support our continued commitment to improving the rental experience for our much loved renters 🥰

This is Movebubble's biggest marketing campaign to date and will run throughout the first quarter of 2019, with plans to further develop the campaign over the summer months.




Communicating our mission

At Movebubble, we’re on a mission to make renting better, and we put renters at the heart of everything we do. The 'Doing it for Renters' headline holds strong to our values, which is why we decided to continue with it as the central theme for 2019’s campaign. From a marketing point of view, our goal is to become the most renter-centric brand in the world and synonymous with everything to do with renting. 



The campaign was developed in-house by our design and product teams.

"We decided to keep with our messaging and further push the Movebubble mission.
Our distinct colour palette and bold typography grabs people's attention, and connects with our audience"

How we're doing it for renters🙌

The product team at movebubble have worked hard to introduce hundreds of pet friendly, zero fee and zero deposit homes in the Movebubble app - we include this messaging in the campaign to show exactly 'how' Movebubble is helping renters.” 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our latest campaign, so drop us a note in the comments below!

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