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Renting in London Downloads Goals Record Results   |   Jun 11, 2018

6 Reasons Why We Had An "A-May-zing" Month

May has been a very special month for us at Movebubble... We saw record results for app installs and enquiries sent to agents. Also, our crowdfunding campaign is almost funded

With an increased number of renters on the app, we’ve been very busy making renting better for many new Movebubblers. To celebrate these good results, we're organising our next summer party, exclusively for Movebubblers! Just take this short survey and we'll add your name to the guest-list! Read on to find out why we had an A-May-Zing record month...

1. # App Installs

Yay! At Movebubble, May has been a record month for app installs. Thanks to our third successful campaign on the London Underground, we saw 25% increase in the number of renters that have downloaded the app, compared to the previous month... Have you seen our new posters on the escalators?

2. # Renters that have signed up

As you know, we care a lot about your privacy and we want to protect your personal data. For these reasons, we’ve recently made some important changes to the onboarding flow on the app, giving you guys the possibility to decide whether you prefer to sign up immediately or browse the app without adding your details…
Thanks to this new onboarding flow, we saw a 10% growth in the number of renters using the app, compared to the previous month! How cool!

3. # Enquiries sent through the app

In May, we saw the 2nd highest day for the number of enquiries received. This means that many of you have been using Movebubble to contact agents and enquire about your dream home… how’s your home-hunting going? Have you found the one yet?

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4. # Chat started with agents

Wait for it... Over 1,000 chats with agents were started in ONE SINGLE DAY! We’re really happy to see that a lot of agents are keen on making renting better, and they are doing their best in order to be quick and effective in their response to you… Have you left feedback after chatting with one of our lovely renter-friendly agents?

5. # Landlord enquiries

A lot of landlords are currently using the agent leaderboard on our website to decide which agent can help them rent out their properties. It is great to see that many landlords are using the agent’s reputation as their main criteria to choose an agent to manage their properties Isn’t it great? This is another way we're making renting better for you guys!

6. We're 95% Funded!

We are super happy to see that our crowdfunding campaign is almost funded! We've just hit 95% of our goal, and it is great to see many of you have taken part in it. We want to say thank you to all of you for your support You can check out our campaign here and join us on our journey towards the future of renting. Remember that your capital is at risk.

Summer party coming soon...

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We're organising a party! How exciting! We want to welcome summer with a special Movebubble party, but we need your help to make it as fun as can be! Fill in this super short survey to help us decide on the activities to do and suggest a day and a venue for this special occasion :)

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