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Renting in London   |   May 22, 2018

Tube Selfie Competition - 2nd Edition

Our posters are live on the London Underground again! Have you spotted our poems on the escalators yet? Also, we've prepared a brand new selfie competition for you to win a super cool prize!

...Remember this one?

Another tube campaign...

After you guys told us how much you enjoyed the first campaign on the London Underground in January, we've decided to share our funny poems with you again, to make you smile in the morning's rush hour...
Don't be fooled though, we take renting very seriously, and we're here to solve all the problems that renters may face during the process of moving to a new place!

We thought about some of the most common issues that make a renter decide to look for a new home, and we wrote our funny interpretations... in rhymes. Does one of the following describe you?

...And another cool competition!

The last time our tube campaign was live, we loved to see so many of you taking part in our selfie competition on Twitter! That's why we decided to give you the chance to take part in a brand new competition to win a super cool prize

Are you a fan of home gadgets and tech? If so, you're going to love the prize we're giving away this time! Hue White and Colour Smart Lighting Kit, by Philips, will make your flat incredibly colourful, adapting the lights to the mood you prefer for any occasions. Sound fun?

Philips' smart light bulbs, can be synchronised with music, TV and games, to create immersive effects and... stun your guests Thanks to this smart system, you'll be able to relax, read, concentrate and energise with the right light! Also, you can control it remotely, downloading the app and connecting it to your smartphone or tablet, and you can save your favourite light settings to use them again in the future! Fancy winning one? Take part in our selfie competition today!

Rachael won an iPhone X!

In February, Rachael was the lucky one who won a brand new iPhone X, submitting her tube selfie on Twitter! She sent us a lovely photo, and we've invited her to our office to give her the prize! Congratulations Rachael!

Check out our Twitter!

To take part in the competition, check out our Twitter feed and capture a funny selfie in the tube, making sure to include one of our posters! Then, retweet our post and share the selfie with the special #DoingItForRenters hashtag

The competition will last 4 weeks, ending on Monday, 4th June. Ready to go poem-hunting on the London underground?

Check out the competition's T&Cs
And click here to see the post on Twitter!

Good luck

We can't wait to see all your selfies! We hope you'll have a great time commuting... and taking funny photos on your way to work
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