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We don’t do anything in this company unless it answers the first law of Movebubble – “How does it help the renter?”. When Valerio suggested that we should enter the competition to feature at TechCrunch Disrupt at their event in London in December 2015, we had to think whether this was a better use of time than conducting more research on renter needs or working faster on our Android release. I’m glad we went ahead with it. We were picked from hundreds of entrants and presented on stage to an audience of around 2,000 in the hall, and tens of thousands on the TechCrunch website. How does help the renter? The easy answer is ‘exposure’, that we can reach more renters and therefore that’s a good thing, right? We presented on stage at TechCrunch I think that might be dangerous. It would assume that renters necessarily wanted Movebubble in their lives. But renting is hard, right? We understand renters’ problems and we solve them, don’t we? Let’s make absolutely sure we can support that before we make any assumptions about demand. So it was for this reason, making sure that Movebubble really is something that renter’s really do want, that I’m so glad we had the chance to participate at TechCrunch Disrupt. We presented on stage at TechCrunch

Yes, we got accepted, yes we had a great deal of exposure, and yes it was a fun night out in the pub with all of the teams celebrating two days hard work. But we aren’t building a company that wants to plan for ‘freak events’ of exposure, we don’t want to live off the back of a surge in activity. I think there are two main things we got out of TechCrunch. The first has been the new feedback on the ground, with hundreds of renters, investors and potential collaborators coming up to our little stall to experiment with our product and hear our ideas. Last Quarter for us was all about improving the Product. We work directly with renter feedback all of the time. This was the first public test of what new people really think, face to face.   The second has been what it meant for us as a team. Nothing matters to this group of individuals more than making renting better. By getting our product out there, in front of everyone, it was a proud moment for us all to celebrate months of hard work. I can’t overstate the energy it gave me to see our team celebrating where we got to together. I look forward to moments like this. You can see the write up from TechCrunch at http://techcrunch.com/2015/12/07/movebubble-makes-renting-suck-less!

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