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renting hacks Best Apps   |   Oct 29, 2018

The Best Apps to Get Amazing Furniture in London

So you’ve just signed the tenancy agreement on your new home after months of searching (or much less, if you've used the Movebubble App). You breathe a sigh of relief, pat yourself on the back for negotiating a good deal, and head to the letting agents to pick up the keys. It’s a good life.

Halfway there, it hits you - the property is unfurnished. There’s no furniture. Zero. Zilch. Nada. “Wait, is there even a cooker”, you ask yourself in a moment of panic while quickly flicking back to the original listing. “Phew, there is a cooker”. Just no furniture. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

We get it. Moving and everything it entails can be stressful - especially in a city like London, where demand is high and stock is low. Securing a home isn’t easy, so it's understandable that you might forget a few bits and bobs here and there while you’re going through referencing, sending over all the details of your life and working out how you’re going to fund deposits and the first month’s rent etc.

But look on the bright side: you get to furnish your home. You didn’t want the landlord’s tacky furniture that "blends in" anyway. Now you have the chance to put your personality into your rental property. And there just so happen to a selection of fantastic apps where you can buy some seriously snazzy furniture.

The Apps at a Glance

In no particular order...

  1. Made.com
  2. Swoon
  3. Houzz
  4. Wayfair
  5. Ikea
  6. Decor Matters
  7. Maidson du Monde
  8. west elm
  9. Task Rabbit
  10. Handy
  11. Thumbtack

Now let's see why these furniture apps are the best of the best...

Where to Buy


Made.com does amazing furniture for your london pad

Made.com design funky furniture with a flash of, let’s call it, pazzaz. There is something retro about Made.com’s furniture; almost as if it could feature on the King’s Road in Chelsea during the swinging sixties. Prices are affordable, too - you can pick up a sofa for around £700, while king size beds start from around £450.


New sofa for your London flat with Swoon

With new designs added every day, there is always a piece of furniture ready to catch the eye. The fact that they are limited editions means that you probably won’t see that stylish sofa around your friend's house some six months after you initially purchased it. And the designs definitely make us “swoon”.


The best apps to get amazing furniture

Houzz is a community of designers and home-improvement professionals ready to help you create interiors for your dream home. Alternatively, you can use their curated selection and pick the items that you think will suit your pad. Whether you want to redesign a kitchen or buy a bedside table completely, Houzz will help you! You might want to get the landlords permission before doing that kitchen refit, though.


The best apps to get amazing furniture

Known to be slightly cheaper than competitors like Made.com, Wayfair offer extensive selections of furniture from a variety of brands. There are regular sales; room ideas, where you can find inspiration from their selections; and even financing options if you don’t want to pay all at once.


The best apps to get amazing furniture

And so we come to Ikea, the OG of furniture. You really can’t go wrong with Scandinavian design, which is why Ikea has led the furniture space for as long as we can remember. From super cheap options to high-end lines, there is something for everyone at Ikea. And if you’re going to one of their stores, don’t forget to try the meatballs and cranberry sauce. Never forget to try the meatballs and cranberry sauce.

Décor Matters

The best apps to get amazing furniture

If you fancy yourself as an interior designer, then Décor Matters is the app of your dreams. Search the millions of designs, filtering by room and category, and view your options in the shop page of the app. Then use their AR (augmented reality) feature to see those designs as if they are live in your home. Mind. Blown.🤯

Maison du Monde


Furnish your London flat with Maison du Monde

We want to shop at Maison du Monde forever because it’s just so French. And we all know that the French are chic and stylish, hence any item bought from Maison du Monde is instantly 10 times cooler because of its Frenchness. You will be walking around your home, looking at the furniture and saying, “très magnifique” in no time.

west elm

Get awesome furniture at West Elm

We’ve had French, Scandinavian and English designs, so it’s only right that we head to the US, and more specifically, New York for our last suggestion. Born in Brooklyn in 2002, west elm has grown to become a worldwide hit thanks to its modern designs and affordable furniture. The best furniture from the US? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Putting Furniture Together


While you don’t task an energetic little bunny with fixing items around the home, TaskRabbit is a community where you can source a professional for just about anything you can think of. Need someone to put blinds up? ✅Someone to look at the plumbing problem? ✅Fix that Ikea bed?✅Do your shopping for you?✅. No, really, that’s a thing on TaskRabbit.


Handy offers handyman services (did the name give it away?), allowing you to book someone to come and assemble your furniture. Why spend hours looking at those picture instructions without any words that we all love so much, scratching your head, losing your temper, having a moment, then scrapping it all off in a rage, when you can just hire someone from Handy to do it for you?


Thumbtack lets you find a professional for pretty much anything you need. So, while you could hire a DJ to come to your house and play the latest hits while you eat breakfast, you’re much better off using to find a handyperson or two to assemble your furniture packs.

Be an Interior Whizz

You will be decorating your new home in no time with these apps, adding a splash of colour here and some serious chic there. Do you have any favourites from the list above, or have we missed any from the list? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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