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May 12, 2014

Food markets in London; seven of the best

At last, the days of British food being synonymous with soggy crisp sandwiches and fluorescent  Chicken Tikka are over! ...

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Nineteen of the best pubs in London

The best pubs in London have to have certain qualities. Blooming good beer and ale for one, a bit of their own unique ...
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Best bars in Shoreditch London

Our recommendations of the best bars in Shoreditch! Check it out... If you're looking for cool, unique bars with great ...
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Where is it safe to cycle in London?

Compared to cramped buses and hot, busy tubes, safe cycling in London has got to be the nicest way to get around ...
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The coolest places to live in London

The problem with describing any area as ‘cool’ is that the very essence of cool is in the unknown, the underground and ...
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The best parks in London for dogs

It sometimes feels like there isn't enough room for all the people in London (particularly on the tube at 8.15am), ...
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Four best places to live if you're an LSE student

LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) is in the centre of London and slap bang in the middle of, well ...
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Where to live in London if you're a UCL student

Perhaps you’re weighing up the options of moving to UCL for your first year of university or you’re looking for a house ...
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Where to live in London if you're a young professional

What's the best area to live in London as a young professional? Each London postcode has its own personality. The young ...
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Where are the best schools in London?

Where are the best schools in London? If you’re a young family looking to relocate to London, one of the biggest things ...
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Where are the best flower shops in London?

Flowers are one of the best ways to create a mood. The luxury of being able to have flowers in your home, whether it’s ...
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Five of the best shops in Shoreditch

5 of the best shops in Shoreditch you just have to check out! Shoreditch is one of the creative hubs of London. Once a ...