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Living in London

May 29, 2015

The very best London events in June 2015

Get out your summer dresses, shorts and flip-flops – summer is here (or at least on its way), which means lots of great ...

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Renting in London   |   May 27, 2015

Don't miss the 15 best restaurants in Battersea!

Brilliant Battersea has managed to fly under the radar for years despite being just across the river from chic Chelsea, ...
Renting in London   |   May 20, 2015

How to move to London and find somewhere to rent

"I want to move to London!" you cry. Well, you're not alone. Hundreds of people from all corners of the world make the ...
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Renting in London   |   May 18, 2015

The best of London's docklands restaurants

Stretching along the river from Wapping to Woolwich, London Docklands is one of the oldest and most fascinating parts ...
Renting in London   |   May 14, 2015

Best restaurants in the City of London

The square-mile City of London is one of those mysterious areas in our fair capital, which transforms from a busy, ...
Renting in London   |   May 7, 2015

Fifteen of the best Wimbledon Restaurants

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Renting in London   |   May 5, 2015

Our pick of the best London Events in May 2015

At long last the wonderful month of May is upon us, and as London gears up for summer an awesome array of cool events ...
Renting in London   |   Apr 23, 2015

Things Northerners moving to London should know

Moving to London from the North Much like Game of Thrones, Northerners such as myself look upon London like Kings ...
Renting in London   |   Apr 21, 2015

20 of the best Farringdon Restaurants

Prepare your bellies for 20 of the best restaurants in Farringdon! This area is alive and kicking with so many great ...
Renting in London   |   Apr 17, 2015

Delicious cheap eats in London

There’s no gentle way to put it - London is an expensive city. When you put rent, transport and bills together, it can ...
Renting in London   |   Apr 9, 2015

Twenty things to know before moving to London

20 things to know before moving to London Whether your bags are packed and you've already booked a flight, or you're ...
Renting in London   |   Apr 8, 2015

The best place for afternoon tea in London

Anna Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, is my hero. A lady of class, etiquette and style, she is considered to be ...