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Living in London

Mar 27, 2015

Restaurants in Croydon that blow your mind

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Croydon in our London Area Guides section, this week we take a closer look at ...

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Renting in London   |   Mar 26, 2015

Check out the best restaurants in Soho London

While we don't want to be accused of picking favourites; sexy, sophisticated Soho in Central London is one of the best ...
Renting in London   |   Mar 23, 2015

Awesome Kentish Town Restaurants you'll love

Kentish Town restaurants are beginning to set the bar when it comes to places to eat and drink in London. From having ...
Renting in London   |   Mar 13, 2015

The best events for this St Patrick's Day London!

Don't worry if you can’t make it over to Dublin for St Patrick’s Day - London has embraced this annual celebration with ...
Renting in London   |   Mar 3, 2015

Fourteen of the best Kensington Restaurants

The lovely borough of Kensington in West London has become a bit of a byword for luxury living (although we have done ...
Renting in London   |   Feb 26, 2015

The best London events in March 2015

Can you believe Christmas was two months ago and we’re about to head into spring? To help you warm up, here are some of ...
Renting in London   |   Feb 25, 2015

This February's best pop-up restaurants London

Bleak late January weather making you feel a little blue? It can be nigh on impossible to drag yourself out of the ...
Renting in London   |   Feb 16, 2015

Best places to get pancakes in London

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, historically marks the beginning of Lent and was used to finish up all the ingredients, ...
Renting in London   |   Feb 13, 2015

20 of the best restaurants in Hackney

Last update: [last-modified]
Renting in London   |   Feb 10, 2015

15 of the best places to eat in Camden

Last update: [last-modified]
Renting in London   |   Feb 5, 2015

Ten of the best ideas for Valentine's Day

Calling all you lovebirds – the day to declare to the world that your schnookums/ pookiepie/ snufflewuff/ cuddlebun is ...
Renting in London   |   Dec 23, 2014

Where are the best places to eat in London?

Compiling a list of the best places to eat in London is nigh on impossible. This culinary city has every type of ...