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May 12, 2014

Ten of the best London Markets

The best London Markets The markets in London are definitely some of the best markets in the world. You can find the ...

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Renting in London   |   Mar 28, 2014

Four best places to live if you're an LSE student

LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) is in the centre of London and slap bang in the middle of, well ...
Area Guides   |   Mar 25, 2014

Where to live in London if you're a UCL student

Perhaps you’re weighing up the options of moving to UCL for your first year of university or you’re looking for a house ...
Renting in London   |   Jan 14, 2014

Five of the best shops in Shoreditch

5 of the best shops in Shoreditch you just have to check out! Shoreditch is one of the creative hubs of London. Once a ...
Renting in London   |   Jan 14, 2014

Ten facts you didn't know about London landmarks

Facts from London landmarks. To see the picture in full, click on the picture and zoom in. Tower of London Image ...
Renting in London   |   Jan 10, 2014

Five of the best cinemas in London

  For all you film buffs out there, here is a list of some of the most unusual, luxurious, cool, classic and downright ...
Renting in London   |   Dec 18, 2013

10 of the best London apps

The huge, teeming metropolis of London can seem intimidating at times, even if you're a dedicated city dweller. With so ...
Renting in London   |   Sep 15, 2013

Is it more expensive to rent homes near good schools?

Finding homes near good schools to rent in London If you’re a renter with a young family, one of the most important ...