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Renting in London Uncategorized   |   May 3, 2016

Where to find love in London

Where to find Love in London

Looking to find love in London?

Movebubble teamed up with popular dating app Happn to bring you the hottest data comparing the locations where singletons are finding love, and where singletons are looking to live. It seems that North London is a goldmine when it comes to looking for singles in your area... but is this where people are actually finding love? Make sure you check out our info below so you can be sure you're searching in all the right places ;)

Find Love in London

Singletons are moving to:

1. Shoreditch
2. Islington
3. Clapham
4. Notting Hill
5. Angel
6. Fulham
7. Hackney
8. Dalston
9. Brixton
10. Peckham

Some of these areas sound like the perfect place to pop out for a quick drink and potentially meet the love of your life... but are they really the areas where people are finding love...?

Where to find love in London

People are finding love in:

1. Canary Wharf
2. Liverpool Street
3. Euston
4. Stratford
5. Oxford Street
6. King’s Cross
7. London Bridge
8. Waterloo
9. Piccadilly Circus
10. Brixton

So by the looks of it, lots of matches happen at the big train stations such as King's Cross, Liverpool Street, and Euston... better renew that railcard then!

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