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Renting Advice

Aug 5, 2015

What is a Section 8 Notice?

A Section 8 Notice can be served when a landlord wants to gain back possession of a property that’s being let under an ...

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Renting Advice   |   Aug 5, 2015

What is a Section 21 Notice?

Section 21 gives a landlord an automatic right of possession without having to give any grounds (reasons) once the ...
Renting Advice   |   May 11, 2015

How to get a UK work visa

How to get a UK work visa To work in the UK you will need a current UK work visa. With all the legal jargon, documents ...
Renting Advice   |   May 1, 2015

How to get a National Insurance number in the UK

How to get a National Insurance number in the UK The UK National Insurance number has been an obligatory part of ...
Renting Advice   |   Dec 9, 2014

What new immigration checks mean for tenants

Immigration checks by landlords are a hot topic right now. Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more paper work ...
Renting Advice   |   Oct 15, 2014

10 things you need to know before you rent a house

Renting a house in London isn't always as easy as finding somewhere you like, moving in and paying the rent each month.
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Renting a Property Tips   |   Sep 22, 2014

Rent, don't buy, says Kevin McCloud

Rent, don't buy says Kevin McCloud. Kevin McCloud, presenter of Grand Designs has urged Britons to consider the ...
Renting in London   |   Aug 18, 2014

10 top tips for finding a property to rent in London

Relocating to London can be an exciting adventure as you find yourself swept up into the life and culture of one of the ...
Renting Advice   |   Jul 22, 2014

What to do if your rights as a renter are breached

If you believe your renters' rights have been breached, read on to know your rights as a renter, and what to do if ...
Renting Advice   |   Jul 9, 2014

When can a landlord increase your rent?

Can a landlord increase my rent? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. The rules about rent price increases are fairly ...
Renting Advice   |   Jun 30, 2014

Renting your house? These 14 essential tools will come in handy

So, you’ve just moved in to your new place and you want to kit your toolbox out, just in case. What do you need? Here ...
Renting Advice   |   Jun 23, 2014

Tenants Rights - Know your rights as a renter!

There are more renters in the UK than ever before, with the Telegraph website reporting that 3.9 million people rent ...