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living in London   |   11/26/18 11:43 AM

Where to Live in London if You Work at Facebook

Liking stuff on the internet. You can thank Facebook for that. Finding out what your aunt did on Saturday afternoon at ...

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Area Guides   |   1/15/16 2:06 PM

Elephant and Castle London Guide

Located just south of Waterloo, Elephant and Castle is one of those rare London areas which boasts a central location ...
Area Guides   |   1/15/16 2:04 PM

Bethnal Green London Guide

At first glance, it sounds like a myth made up by an eager young estate agent - a cool, young area with great transport ...
Area Guides   |   1/8/16 10:44 AM

Hoxton London Guide

Often absorbed into the sprawling mass of Shoreditch, Hoxton is rarely discussed in separate terms from it's most ...
Area Guides   |   1/2/16 1:47 PM

Marylebone London Guide

It has often been said that London is really a series of interconnecting villages, each with their own distinct ...
Area Guides   |   12/31/15 5:37 PM

Wandsworth London Guide

Recently voted as one of the best places in the UK to live as a young professional, the area is full of affluent young ...
Area Guides   |   12/18/15 10:25 AM

Kentish Town London Guide

Want to live in walking distance of the beautiful, rugged Hampstead Heath, but ideally somewhere a little more exciting ...
Area Guides   |   12/11/15 10:34 AM

Vauxhall London Guide

For most people in London, Vauxhall is just one of the many stops on the Victoria line, or the quick pause that reminds ...
Area Guides   |   12/3/15 7:00 PM

Balham London Guide

Thoroughly mocked by comedian Peter Sellers in his 1958 travel spoof ‘Gateway to the South’, Balham has spent most of ...
Area Guides   |   11/27/15 4:49 PM

South Kensington London Guide

Frequently referred to as the 21st arrondissement of Paris due to the reported 300,000 Parisians now living there, ...
Area Guides   |   11/20/15 5:57 PM

West Kensington London Guide

While the affluent area of South Kensington conjures up images of French delicatessens, charming mews and chic European ...
Area Guides   |   11/13/15 11:53 AM

West Hampstead London Guide

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