Storage space in your buy-to-let

Storage Hacks for Buy-to-Let Properties

25 August 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

Renting an apartment in one of the UK’s biggest cities, such as London and Manchester, means that renters might be short on square footage. While these exciting cities offer a lively and entertaining place to live, space in apartments usually comes at a premium.

Studios, one and even two-bedroom flats can sometimes be on the smaller side, which means storage options are often limited. If you’re a landlord with a property short on space, you’ll want to make sure renters who live in your buy-to-let can maximise their storage options.

But how do you create a sense of more space for somewhere with relatively little storage? In this guide, we’re detailing essential storage hacks for landlords. Ensure that your buy-to-let property hits the rental market with enough space to entice professional renters.

Hack 1: Make the most of your space

If you can, dig out the floorplan so that you have the blueprints to make the most of the space in your rental property. Select furniture that works in the space if you’re providing a furnished home. Match it with the design of the apartment to create a stylish and spacious look.

Living room with lots of space

For example, period properties work with quirky furnishings, while new builds often benefit from modern touches. By adding furniture that compliments the property, you will give it a feeling of increased space as items look like they were made for the home.

Hack 2: Divide and conquer

Places like Ikea and similar furniture shops are a big help when you’re trying to create more space. Purchase items like folding screens and expedit shelves to increase the available storage around your buy-to-let property.

Folding doors are easy enough to move around and work particularly well in studio apartments. While expedit shelves can separate spaces in smaller apartments. Think about using mirrors too. Although these won’t create more storage, then can help make apartments feel roomier.

Hack 3: If you build it, they will come

If your buy-to-let property is short on space, why not add some built-in storage options? It’s one of the most popular ways to add more storage and gives renters a chance to hide some of their clutter in a stylish built-in cupboard.

Built-in storage space

Keep a small apartment looking spacious with things like built-in bookshelves and place storage racks in kitchen cupboards and drawers. It may even turn out that you have some unutilised wall space that can be built out to create a built-in wardrobe.

Hack 4: Storage furniture

When in doubt about storage space, buy multi-purpose furniture that doubles up as a handy storage component. From wall-mounted pull-out desks to ottoman storage beds, being creative with your furniture means you can really increase the amount of space a renter has in your property.

Other useful furniture that acts as storage includes footstools, folding room dividers with shelves, coffee tables with storage drawers and kitchen appliances with standing racks. Multi-purpose furniture creates more space while looking stylish around the home.

Hack 5: Convert dead space

It’s amazing what you can do with a property, turning parts that were seemingly useless into fully functioning sections of the home. If you’ve got an awkwardly shaped or hard-to-reach area with significant square footage, try converting it into a built-in office space or a storage compartment.

Built-in desk

Dead space can make the home feel larger while adding an extra section for storage, whether it’s an area for magazines or somewhere to keep a standing lamp. Bringing dead space to life is a smart way to increase the illusion of size in your rental.

Miles and miles of space

You can still create storage and a feeling of space in your buy-to-let, even if it’s on the smaller side. A touch of creativity here and some smart thinking there will add another dimension to your property. Subsequently, renters will be drawn to a place where they can keep their belongings without any issues and find your property more appealing. 

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