landlord advice

The Top 10 Places To Buy To Let In London In 2019

Stamp duty rises and uncertainty surrounding Brexit might be partly to blame for a sludgy slowing of house price
4 Read time by Jess Denham

Legal For Landlords: The Ultimate Responsibilities Checklist

Sorry to break it to you, but becoming a landlord isn’t just a case of buying a property, finding a tenant and
6 Read time by Jess Denham
Renting a Property Tips

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Put My House Up For Rent?

One of the things all landlords should consider before putting their property on the market, is what time of year
3 Read time by Jess Denham

Everything Landlords Need to Know About Letting Their Properties in London

Becoming a landlord is exciting, but more than a little daunting. There’s a seemingly endless list of things to get
6 Read time by Jess Denham

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