Help Centre

What is the Movebubble app?

Movebubble is an app designed to help you find and rent a property easily and quickly. Movebubble finds the homes to rent that suit your lifestyle, just like having your own Property Search Agent in your pocket. You tell us what’s important to you and we will find what you’re looking for from 1000’s of properties across the market. We’ll let you know when your viewing is accepted, sending details directly to your phone.

How do I sign up to Movebubble?

There’s no need to register to use the app. Just download the app, use it and find a place to live. We only need your contact details when you’re ready to request a viewing.

How do I download the Movebubble app?

Excited about the Movebubble app and want to get it now? Go for it. You can either download it straight from the App Store, GooglePlay for Android or email it to yourself for later.

How do I indicate areas I’d like Movebubble to search for property in?

The app lets you indicate the areas you have in mind for your future home. You can have several locations, so no problem if you have a couple of areas in mind. If you have no idea where to live, don’t worry. It’s ok to be indecisive considering the size of the city and the variety of areas in London. So just tell us what your interests are to help us match you up with properties you’ll love! We will do the hard bit in your place. So easy.

Why do I need to add in my personal interests?

Tell us what your interests are to help us match you up with properties you’ll love! This will help us create a great list of properties ready for your to book viewings in. Tell us what’s important for you, so that we can select properties – without you even having to look at the ones that don’t make the cut.

How do I see more information about a property?

In your shortlist you can have a look at the properties we’ve selected for you and you can check the basic information like price, number of beds, number of bathrooms and postcode – which is great – but if you want to get more into the nitty-gritty it’s okay, just tap the main photo, you’ll get to the property card for the hardcore stuff (not really): furnishing state, transport links, notable features (garden, parking, nearby attractions) … and more photos! As a general rule, we won’t provide you with properties that have less than three photos.

When will I get notified if you find more properties that match?

We constantly search the market to find more properties matching your requirements, updating you when new places become available and removing ones that have been taken off the market. We will send the notifications to your phone. No hassle, only freedom on your side to scroll the new catches when you have a minute during your commute, before a boring meeting, or while waiting for your burritos.

How do I request a viewing?

You want to request a viewing with us? First of all, congrats on being awesome! On the property card, simply click on “book a viewing” and tell us what times you’re available to view the property. We’ll organise everything for you. You can select multiple days and time slots depending on how busy you are.

Why do I have to enter basic information before requesting a viewing?

Because if we don’t know who you are it will be more difficult for us to secure your viewing. We know, that’s boring but your full name is needed. NO NAME, NO PHONE, NO BOOKING. Don’t be scared though, we won’t call you unless it’s absolutely necessary (like, an absolute necessity). However, we will communicate your number to the agent in charge of your viewing once it’s been confirmed. This is because the agent might need to call you to let you know if he/she’s running late for example. Makes sense? Don’t worry, you’ll get their phone number as well, just in case you’re the lame, late one.

I’ve requested a viewing, what next?

Once your booking is requested you can go and do your stuff, live your life, go to the pub with your mates…or do nothing (don’t look at us like that, you do it too). Meanwhile we’ll get cracking, call the agent for you and do all the annoying stuff in your place. We’ll send you updates using app notifications so you know how we’re getting on with your booking. Once the viewing is booked, you’ll get a confirmation of day, time & location of the viewings. As the viewing will be conducted by the agent, we’ll give you their name & phone number in case you need to get in touch with them. You’ll receive this confirmation on your phone and in your inbox (that’s why we need your email). WE KNOW. TOO EASY.

How do I change my personal interests?

You can change your requirements anytime. Like a boss. No problem, simply tap the top left icon (the three bars) and click on “edit” next to the information you want to amend: basic information (budget/number of persons), preferred locations, or what facilities who want nearby (supermarkets, transport links). Your shortlisted properties will be updated based on your new requirements.

Why do I only see a few properties?

Well, we do our best to screen the whole market but some areas are really sought after, so the stock can get scarce sometimes. Also, if your budget is a tiny bit too tight or if you’re only searching in a very specific area of London, that can make it a bit more complicated for us to find you a home so it might take us a bit longer. Try and change your requirements or try broaden your area of search to see if that helps. If that still doesn’t work contact us ASAP, we’ll pass your problem on to our amazing development team because something’s gone wrong!