Our Mission

Movebubble is on a mission to make renting better for the world’s renters. Based in London, we are solving the pain and hassle associated with finding and moving into a new place to live. At Movebubble, we believe in renting better. We’re delivering quality services in a way that’s easy, helpful and intuitive. We work hard to understand every renter’s individual needs to ensure they get the most value out of our service. Movebubble is a fast-paced, truly agile startup where organisational and personal learning underpin everything that we strive for.

Our Culture

We are a close team, sharing breakfast on Wednesdays and having monthly team events out of the office. All employees have the opportunity to grow, learn and shape their careers within the company and to become the foundational backbone of the future of home renting, in London and other cities across the world. This is a rare opportunity to join a rapidly growing start-up at a very exciting time, recently recognised as one of 15 handpicked Battlefield contestants on the prestigious stage of TechCrunch Disrupt.

Our Values


We talk to our users as individuals. Everything we do, write, design or communicate is thought as a one-to-one between them and us.


Our role is that of a friend, confidante and adviser to our renters. Yes we are professional, but we don’t use jargon or salespeak. Renters come to us for a new – and better – kind of service. Let’s make sure we give it to them in a helpful, reassuring way.


Trust plays a big part in what we do. So whatever you’re communicating, we make sure it’s as accurate and honest as it can be. Renters put a lot of faith in us to get things right and we have a duty to do so. It’s what sets us apart from the other services out there.


We’re happy for people to see exactly what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. It’s one of the things that makes our service so refreshing – we tell renters everything they need to know at every stage of the process without expecting them to second-guess. We are the rental experts after all.