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Which Amenities Matter for Build-to-Rent?

15 November 2019 Simona Bojare Read time: 2 min
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Simona Bojare

We love things that make life easier and better. And that’s exactly what Build-to-Rent offers. It’s homes designed for renting. Build-to-Rent homes must have the amenities the renters want. Lets high five to great living experiences, modern solutions and hassle-free renting. Hand me the keys!

At Movebubble we understand renters – it’s what we do. They have different lifestyle needs - we get it and we know it changes during life stages. Renters want to live in a safe place, with good neighbours. They want a great service and excellent management - a bugbear faced by renters with buy to let landlords. Let’s have more internal amenities and leave on-street car parking as a thing of the past. 

Our data shows that renters value amenities and for some can be a deciding factor, when choosing their next home. Since June 2019, 24,103 renters favourited properties based on the amenities available on the listing. 1,618 prioritised properties with a balcony or a terrace, 506 preferred a home with a gym and 42 wanted a private dressing room - that's so fetch. 

Who wants what amenities?

Age and income are the top two factors to where and how renters choose to live. So, let’s dive into this more. 


By age group

Renters pay extra for amenities – but only the ones they want. Their choices also depend on their age. The world of networking and socialising is the under 25’s lifestyle. Where’s the party? 

Social living, health and wellbeing matters and they love to get out and meet people. They give a thumbs up to an on-site gym, roof terrace, communal areas, outdoor spaces and social events – bring on the BBQ. Let’s not forget the bar, the on-site shop or café, a laundry service and fully furnished property. We said convenience, right?

Flexible, professional renters between 25-40 love wellbeing and exercise. Let’s keep them moving with an on-site gym, fitness classes, leisure activities and a car parking space. They like the co-living experience and want communal social activities – when’s movie night? 

And free time is precious for families in their 40’s. They give the green light to outdoor spaces, playgrounds and childcare clubs. It’s all about family and they need to feel welcomed into the community.


By income

Income influences which amenities matter to renters. Research showed three income groups – low income up to £40k, mid income between £40k-£80k and high income over £80k.

Mid- to high-income renters will pay more for an onsite gym and swimming pool, 24-hour concierge service, hotel-style lobby, 24-hour security and Wi-Fi. Remember convenience? They also want to hire a cleaner and furniture. 

More renters on mid incomes want the garden areas maintained – 18% compared to 11% on lower and 10% on higher incomes. A cinema, games room and resident’s lounge are totally in – and it’s here to stay. And 3% of higher income renters want a business centre, and 23% of renters on lower incomes want good Wi-Fi.


Who wants what amenities – by personality?

Our surveys show some surprising results. Extroverts and introverts want the same amenities. In top place was an en-suite bathroom, weekly cleaning and car parking. Some introverted renters thought a gym and communal roof garden were top amenities – yes, introverts also like social places.

Which amenities matter most?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ option – that’d be too easy. Lifestyles, life stages and income play their part, as does the location and the local community. At Movebubble, everything we do is for renters. It’s important to us that Build-to-Rent schemes take a renter-focused approach to provide the tailored living experience we know renters seek. Human centred design matters - and we’re excited to see it grow as the Build-to-Rent market develops. 

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