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What Are the Most Sought-After Build-to-Rent Amenities?

30 July 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

Build-to-Rent is breaking ground here in the UK, with 30,000 homes completed at the end of 2019 and more to come. Community living in renter-exclusive properties has caught the imagination of those looking for a new pad, and its popularity seems set to increase further.

Other than plush apartments, it’s the social spaces that garner plenty of attention in these communities. From hotel-like services to gyms and lounges, these amenities can make your Build-to-Rent offering stand out from the crowd.

But which ones are the most sought after by modern-day renters? Looking at the amenities available at the most in-demand Build-to-Rent communities, we’ve listed some of the best social spaces that are currently wowing renters. 

How may I help you?

The Build-to-Rent experience typically starts from the moment you walk through the doors. And renters are digging having a team member on hand in the communal areas, whether it’s to give them advice about the local area or simply have a quick chit-chat.

Concierge service

Traditionally, concierge-type services were reserved for high-end apartment buildings where the monthly rent cost a small fortune. However, with their introduction in the Build-to-Rent world, on-site assistance is more accessible and adding to the community aura.

Witness the fitness

When most renters look for a new home, there are a few things they keep an eye out for: proximity to transport, local amenities and fitness centres. That’s right; the exercise business is booming with more and more millennials heading to the gym.


Having a fitness centre on-site at your Build-to-Rent community is a huge benefit, with residents able to jump from their bed to the treadmill in a matter of minutes. You’ll also win bonus points if you have a spa and yoga studio. But the gym is a good place to start.


Having a stylish apartment where you can retreat to after a long day is all well and good when you want to get away from it all. But what happens if you decide to kick it with others? You head to the residents' lounge. 

Residents' lounge

Lounges are a great place to get to know other residents, perhaps play a game of cards or just chill with a good book. They’re often the centrepiece too, acting as the place where everyone flocks towards. Attractive interiors, ambient lighting and a place to relax positions the residents’ lounge as one of the must-haves at a Build-to-Rent community.

Co-working space

It’s great having a place to work when it’s time to get professional. Working from home is all well and good, but renters love a space where there can separate work and home without actually going into an office.

Co-working space

In the wake of Covid-19, on-site co-working spaces look set to become even more popular with modern-day renters. Working from home might be the new normal, but it’s always an added bonus when you can work away from home without leaving the building.

Cinema Room

Did someone say “lights, camera, action”? If they did, it’s because cinema rooms are a big hit in Build-to-Rent communities. Grab the popcorn and enjoy a movie night just a few moments from your apartment, either with other residents or for a private screening.

Cinema room

Watch the classics or host a gaming evening with the on-site screening room. There’s no need to locate the nearest cinema, and you can watch your favourite flick in style with a big-screen showing. With the availability of on-site cinema rooms, it's no wonder that renters love the Build-to-Rent lifestyle.

Five-star amenities

Whether you’re a Build-to-Rent community with all of the above or just a few options, there’s no doubting that having amenities will help you lease up faster.

From lounging to fitness, on-site amenities are one of the key contributors to Build-to-Rent’s success. And the trend looks set to continue as operators think up new ways to provide exciting social spaces for renters.

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