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Top Tips for Providing 5 ⭐️ Property Management at Your Community

11 September 2020 Lucy Brice Read time: 2 min
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Lucy Brice

Build-to-Rent is the panacea of the rental market, offering renters apartments that are designed with their needs in mind. It's growing exponentially, with fully-functioning communities that are providing a new dynamic to many big-city postcodes in London, Manchester and beyond.

For Build-to-Rent to stay in high demand, however, it needs to continue providing a five-star experience – from the apartments on offer to stellar property management that looks after the in-life tenancy. But how do you maximise property management if you're running a Build-to-Rent community, especially when there are so many units involved?

In this guide, we're bringing you our top tips for providing five-star property management to your renters. From getting to know your community to implement technology, here's how to become the best Build-to-Rent property managers around.

Get to know your community

Whether you have 30 units or 300, it's worth investing the time to get to know renters in your community. Ok, so you can't learn the names of hundreds of different people, but you can have an active presence around the building with on-site managers taking a proactive approach.


That presence will help build relationships with renters and act as a building blog for a tight-knit community. It should also help make handling maintenance issues more seamless, as the groundwork to a good relationship is in place.  

Go above and beyond

Offering a five-star service means putting in that little bit extra when needed. Whether checking in on renters to see how they're doing every now and then or making sure that you're well ahead on compliance for the building, doing more than required sets a good tone.

It will also help you differentiate your building from others as you emphasise on the quality of service. Sometimes doing more than necessary can be the difference between receiving a good review and a stellar one. From a branding point of view, being known as the community that does more will help you build a positive reputation.

Let's get techy

There is no doubt that technology is the primary driver for offering an excellent property management service. Being able to log in to a dashboard or have an app that requires a few taps to get going can significantly speed up most processes.

Robot AI for property management

Technology allows renters to report issues around their home and see real-time updates. It also makes your life easier, as managers can reply in-app and respond faster than if they were relying solely on emails and phone calls to fix maintenance issues. There's even the possibility of automating some processes, such as tenancy reminders and report updates. 

Update the dashboard

Staying with the technology theme, having a dashboard that provides real-time insights to tenancies is hugely beneficial for renters and property managers alike. Renters can log in and see things like building updates, when the rent comes out, calendars for social events and much more.

For property managers, having a dashboard means more oversight. It's easier to pinpoint issues and keep on top of everything that is happening in the building. Having a form of workflow manager enables you to perform your role more efficiently and offer renters that all-important five-star service.

Manager of the year

It often gets overlooked, but property management is one of the most important parts of the Build-to-Rent experience. It may not have the allure of a flashy residents lounge or a landscaped garden, but it acts as the foundation for the entire renting experience.

Nail your property management service, and renters will love your building beyond the snazzy apartments and appealing amenities. You will be the Build-to-Rent operator that offers the whole package. 

If you want more insights on running your Build-to-Rent community, check out our Build-to-Rent Hub. And while you're here, why not get advertise your community to our 700,000-plus verived renters?

You take care of the five-star management, and we'll get high-calibre renters in your buildings with Movebubble One, a dedicated Build-to-Rent feature that highlights the best of your community.  

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