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The Cost Benefit of Video Walkthroughs

9 June 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock during lockdown, we’re pretty sure you know a thing or two about video walkthroughs. They’re all the rage since coronavirus accelerated their necessity. And everyone from renters to agents to Build-to-Rent operators are digging the ability to show off the quality of a without the need for physical viewings.

The benefits of video walkthroughs aren’t solely rooted in a Covid-19 world, however. From cutting time to giving renters more freedom to explore the property, the ability to view a home without actually visiting it is here to stay. The new normal in the property market, you might even say.

Video walkthroughs are cost-efficient, yet still provide a great way to view a home. Saving money while giving renters even more convenience. Now, that sounds like a win-win to us. Here’s how you can save on costs and increase output with video walkthroughs.

Cuts down agent time

House front door key

A video walkthrough cuts down overall agent time on so many levels, meaning you can refocus your attention to finding even more renters. The property will only need filming once, but even better, there’s no back and forth between physical viewings.

If you’re typically used to spending four or five hours per day conducting viewings, a video walkthrough means you’ve suddenly got more time to utilise. That time can be put to more effective use, whether it’s finding new ways to market properties, winning more valuations or letting your apartments to more renters.

You can get more done safely in the knowledge that renters have access to high-quality video walkthroughs whenever they please. Video walkthroughs are even working for you when you’re not...

Expands opening hours (without increasing costs)

 Laptop computer being used to watch a video viewing

Physical viewings are limited to open hours and renter availability, but video walkthroughs are available forever - or at least until someone rents the property. If a renter feels like having a 3 am browse for a home and falls in love with the property thanks to a video walkthrough, guess what? They can make an offer there and then.

Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning and log into their messages to find a renter has made an offer on a home? You’re doing deals while you sleep - that’s an instant partner of the month award in our opinion. Renters can find their perfect property at any time, day or night.

Video viewings change the entire landscape and essentially give renters access to in-depth walkthroughs of your properties 24/7. The result is that you’re essentially open for business longer than traditional operating hours without incurring extra costs.

SEO value

SEO search concept art

Having video walkthroughs doesn’t just mean more time to market your properties; it can also boost your organic traffic through SEO. Video searching is becoming more frequent with web browsers (renters included), and online videos set to make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022.

If your videos rank well online, it means a higher number of renters will find your agency or Build-to-Rent community organically. In other words, you’re getting free marketing off the back of a video walkthrough.

Higher volumes of traffic to your website without extra spend on budget equals good times. Property listings with walkthroughs get considerably more traction than homes with just photos too. More interest without added costs sounds like a pretty good strategy to us.

Higher quality for less

The primary benefit of a video walkthrough is that it offers renters a genuine alternative to viewing homes. But there’s no doubting the cost benefits to letting a home without having to show it physically. Increased quality in options for viewing a home, reduced advertising spend, and better bottom line make video walkthroughs an all-important requirement for a better way to market your properties.

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