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How Technology Can Help You Attract Renters

How Technology Can Help You Attract Renters

25 August 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

The concept of Build-to-Rent is a growing trend, and it looks to go from strength to strength. It still only accounts for a small section of the property market (more on that later), but the numbers are growing as renters opt for homes designed exclusively for them.

As a Build-to-Rent operator, we’re willing to hedge our bets that you’re always open to ideas for how to attract the best renters. So much so that we’ve already taken a look at ways to get people in your homes faster.

But what about focusing on one specific aspect? Take technology, for example. It’s proving to be key for the property market, with more than half of properties companies focusing on the digital side of their offering. And it can help you attract professional renters faster.

Tech-savvy renters

First and foremost, the majority of renters live in the online world. They gravitate towards concepts that embrace technology, whether it’s ride-hailing apps, a spot of Netflix and chill or getting the latest hipster cafe to deliver to their doorstep.

Tech savvy

Renters want convenience, and if your Build-to-Rent communities embrace technology, you can expect an uptick in people moving in. If your marketing demographic wants tech-led solutions, then it’s time to give the people what they want.

Here's how...

In-life tenancy

You can excite renters with tech before they even move in by making the in-life tenancy all about technology.  Give renters a tech-led experience through the use of a centralised system, which lets them manage everything from reporting maintenance issues to checking how long is left on a tenancy. Having access to all of the information they need at the tap on a button (or screen) is very handy indeed.

It enhances the overall well being of renters too and takes much of the hassle out of the experience. It will be easier to sell the idea of living in your community to renters if everything – including elements like accessing the concierge to booking working spaces – can be done with an app.

Use digital platforms to get your name out

Built-to-Rent is the answer for many renters. However, not enough of them know about it yet. The idea of renter-exclusive homes is still new, and it’s going to take a bit more exposure for Build-to-Rent to become the norm.

Social media letters on a pinboard

That’s why you need to maximise your online presence, using social media and other digital platforms to spread the word. Create stories around your communities and share them online. This will build up the emotional angle as you craft a compelling tale around your apartments.

Partner Up

Social media is an excellent tool for building a brand and generating interest in your Build-to-Rent community, but it needs time to succeed. Once it’s popping, you’ll speed up the process of getting renters in your homes in no time at all. But if you want results now, then you should work with renter-friendly platforms that provide direct access to your target audience.

Here at Movebubble, we focus on renters with 700,000 of them using our app to find their next home. With Home Walkthroughs and instant booking, vetted renters can search, view and secure their home without even going on a physical viewing.

Movebubble One

You can speed up the time it takes to source new renters while taking advantage of features like Movebubble One, which highlights Build-to-Rent communities and local amenities in the neighbourhood. Tap into the rental ecosystem and attract the best renters in no time.

Digging the digital

We’re quickly moving to a world where technology empowers most forms of our daily lives, and it’s no different in the rental sector. Having a Build-to-Rent community entrenched in great apartments and technology, not to mention a strong online presence, can help you attract the best renters and fill your buildings up to capacity.

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