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Don’t Just Sell a Property: Sell the Lifestyle

10 January 2020 Ilaria Colasanti Read time: 4 min
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Ilaria Colasanti

Build-to-Rent developers, we know that your properties are awesome.

You’ve worked tremendously hard to create these beautiful, luxurious, purpose-built homes for a new generation of savvy renters.

You’re proud of what you’ve created, and you have every reason to be.

Let us take this opportunity to remind you that with you, renters aren’t just getting four walls and a roof over their heads; they’re getting so much more than that. With you, renters aren’t just getting a new home; they’re getting a brand new, exciting, free and fulfilling lifestyle - and they need to know about it.

In this blog post, we’re sharing five ways for you to entice new renters with the Build-to-Rent lifestyle through your marketing methods - helping to ensure that you get the right renters in your homes, and that your homes serve the right people in the best ways. Everybody wins, right? 😃

Focus on the flexibility and the freedom that Build-to-Rent homes give

Currently, the largest demographic of renters is the tech-savvy millennial generation, comprised of 25-34 year olds. This is the generation that is breaking free from the shackles of traditional society; not just in terms of what they do for work and how they choose to work, but also when it comes to where they choose to live and how they choose to live, fullstop.

Millennials want freedom. They want to feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their face, in all different parts of the world. They don’t want to stay in one place for too long - life is too short for that. And because of that, they don’t want anything in their life that will tie them down to one place for the long-term. 

The flexibility of Build-to-Rent tenancies suit this crowd perfectly - and it is so important that they know about it. Your tenancies allow the millennial generation to settle down in a beautiful home with everything they need for as long as they need to; giving them the time, freedom and flexibility to save up enough money and plan their next adventure, before they’re off again.

This is worth shouting about - so shout it from the rooftops, we say!


Celebrate the great choice of homes you have on offer

When it comes to buying a home, generally people will be limited by what they can afford to own, so they will settle for less than what they actually want.

Build-to-Rent properties give renters a much greater choice of homes in more suitable locations, meaning that people are more than likely to find a beautiful home that they absolutely fall head over heels for, and are able to more easily afford the costs, too!

The fact that many Build-to-Rent properties are absolutely gorgeous, coupled with the reality that many require no deposit and no agency fees is an absolute miracle in today’s world, where nothing comes for free. 

What better way to entice new renters than by celebrating all of the above? A luxury home in an ideal city-centre location with no upfront costs, is every renter’s dream!

Highlight how much you actually take care of

Because of you, gone are the days where renters would need to handle everything on their own: electricity, gas, bills, taxes, parking… the list goes on.

Now with Build-to-Rent homes, life is made so much easier because you’re there to take a lot of responsibility and stress away from renters, who want to focus a little less on ‘adulting’ and more on making the most out of life.

Let renters know through all of your marketing means that a lot of their responsibilities are covered in one, easy, monthly cost - including rent, bills, wi-fi, gym and other amenities

We can’t stress just how attractive this is to today’s generation of renters - so broadcast this wonderful, luxurious life of less responsibility, as far and as wide as possible! The crowds will come - we know it.😉


Sell the idea of ‘no mortgage debt’ and no nasty surprises!

Liberate your renters financially, by highlighting how amazing it is not to be shackled down by hundreds and thousands of pounds of mortgage debt attached to ONE property, which they will spend the best years of their life trying to pay off.

Proclaim the incredible benefits of renting which don’t riddle you with such a big burden; which allow you the freedom to change home whenever life wishes to take you in a new direction; and which don’t allow for financially nasty surprises, which could knock you off your feet for a while.

No mortgage debt through renting means less stress, less responsibility and fewer limitations for today’s generation of renters - allowing them to live the full and free lives that they desire. 

Express the ‘ready-made home, ready-made community’ aspect of Build-to-Rent

Even though today’s renters desire more freedom and flexibility in life, there is no getting away from the fact that it is standard human nature to want a home and feel like part of a family.

Luckily for today's renters, Build-to-Rent homes even provide them with that, and more.

In your marketing, focus on the community aspect of Build-to-Rent developments, which are usually apartment blocks, and bring together people of a similar demographic. Typical features of Build-to-Rent properties include communal or social spaces, concierge services, 24/7 support, social events and on-site maintenance teams - helping to bring people together in a society that is becoming increasingly more disconnected.

People nowadays certainly crave that community/family aspect of living so be sure to let renters know that wherever they go, they can always find a home and a community in your properties.


It has been estimated that one-quarter of all households will be renting privately by 2021. We certainly believe that that number could be even higher, once more and more people become aware of the Build-to-Rent lifestyle that offers so much more than just a place to live.

Build-to-Rent developers - if you need help or would like to talk more about making your homes more enticing to the large population of potential renters out there, please contact us for a chat today.😊

We can’t wait to support you further on this journey. 

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