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Simon Banks

Simon Banks

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What Are the Most Sought-After Build-to-Rent Amenities?

Build-to-Rent is breaking ground here in the UK, with 30,000 homes completed at the end of 2019 and more to come. Community living in
2 Read time by Simon Banks

Movebubble vs Rightmove: Which One is Better For Build-to-Rent?

As a Build-to-Rent operator, you want to lease up your units fast and get professional renters in your lavish communities. One of the
3 Read time by Simon Banks

Movebubble V Zoopla: Which One is Better for Build-to-Rent?

Build-to-Rent is growing fast, as Generation Rent opts for renter-exclusive homes built for a holistic lifestyle. With snazzy
3 Read time by Simon Banks

Benefits of Building Your Own Tech vs Working With Partners

In-house or out of house, or maybe a little of both? That's the question posed to many Build-to-Rent operators like yourself as you
3 Read time by Simon Banks

Why Renters Prefer Video Viewings

Video killed the radio star back in the 1980s. More than 30 years later, it looks like it could do the same to physical property
3 Read time by Simon Banks

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