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  • The Letting Agent Cheat Sheet for Talking to Renters and Landlords

The Letting Agent Cheat Sheet for Talking to Renters and Landlords

12 September 2020 James Pascoe Read time: 2 min
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The conversations that you have with renters and landlords are vital to gaining stock and getting fast lets. And no matter your approach as a letting agent, you're bound to have a set of practices that act as the foundations of your sales pitch

These practices act as a cheat sheet, if you will, helping you to have better interactions with clients and customers. But if you're new to the world of lettings or are looking for a few further actions to add to your cheat sheet, what do you do?

Fortunately, we've got you covered. In this article, we're bringing you our letting agent cheat sheet for talking to renters and landlords. So, read on and add a few more strings to your bow as you become the best letting agent in town.

Use local data to show thought leadership

There's only so much that you can tell a potential landlord or renter, and your big wins don't come from telling; they come from showing. Display your authority by showing clients that you're the local experts in your area by tapping into readily available data.

The majority of landlords and renters aren't experts; that's why they've come to you. So tap into the latest rental data from places like the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and break down to show rental trends in the area.

Has there been a spike, is there a dip? Can you formulate these numbers to show landlords why they should be confident in letting their investment with you? Use data correctly, and landlords and renters will come to see your agency as the de facto place to get the latest rental information.

Inform them of local news

The property market is always evolving, and it's hard to keep up with current trends if you're not in the industry. That's why you should keep your eye on the latest happenings and feed it back to your clients.

Landlords who are thinking about investing, for example, might not know about the stamp duty holiday and how it can reduce the amount of duty they need to pay. But if you have something like a weekly newsletter to send out to clients, you can keep them informed on the latest breaking news that might affect them.

Preempt problems (and become a problem solver)

Many processes go into renting an apartment, but they shouldn't need to worry, as you're an expert who can guide renters and landlords through every step. Not only will they appreciate the advice, but it will also help everything run smoother.

Problem solving

From ensuring that references are ready to go to getting tenancy agreement prepared early, you have a vital role to play in the process.

You can even get involved in the parts you wouldn't typically handle, such as providing renters with advice about how to move home. The service matters most, and a five-star offering will go a long way to becoming the best agent in your patch and boosting commission.

Have your handy partners at the ready

One of the best cheat sheets items is the ability to call on handy partners who can boost your profile and get renters in your great stock. Here at Movebubble, we have access to 700,000-plus pre-qualified renters who are looking for a flashy new pad.

With Home Walkthroughs and Instant Booking, renters can find, view and secure their new home on the Movebubble platform, which you have complete access to. That means you can focus your energy on providing a great service for renting while winning more instructions. Why not give us a shout?

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