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The Importance of Video Viewings

5 September 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

The words "Lights, camera, action" are usually reserved for the world of cinema. But it might not be too long until it becomes a common theme in the world of letting agents.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, video viewings have grown considerably in popularity. But the pandemic has only accelerated what was already becoming a popular feature. For many, the ability to find, view and secure a property without even leaving their sofa holds plenty of weight. Especially if they're coming from overseas or other towns in the UK.

If you're a letting agent, you should, at the very least, offer the option of video viewings. And if you're still not convinced of their importance, we're here to give you the lowdown on all things video. So, allow us to set the scene and show you why video viewings are an essential component to renting out a home.

Video viewings add simplicity

The past 10 years have seen consumer behaviour change drastically. Whether it's having a Michelin-star meal delivered to our front door, hailing a ride, binging on Netflix or accessing our bank accounts, technology means that we've become accustomed to instant access.

That mindset has trickled down to the world of lettings. We already see esign for contracts, and references are digital too. It's only natural that renters want to extend ease-of-use into the actual house-hunting process.

Someone video viewing a property on their home

With a video viewing, renters can easily view a home on their mobile and get a better idea about whether or not they would like to live there. Videos are more natural than photos, offering an unfiltered perspective to see what it's like to really live in a property.

A video viewing offers more variety

Video viewings let you get creative, providing renters multiple ways to view a place. You can opt for the silent approach, taking the camera round each room of the property (and communal spaces). 

Alternatively, you can provide a layer of commentary, talking renters through each room in the property. Or there's the option to add some background music and provide a showroom experience for those looking at the property?

Whichever route you go down, it's good to know that you have options. Taking advantage of the benefits of video provides you with more scope to be creative than using only photos.

A more personal experience with video

We're sure that you're a five-star letting agent who goes above and beyond to get renters in your properties. But sometimes it's nice to see a place without someone else around, even if you do give renters plenty of space.

Video viewing

Video viewings mean that renters can spend as long as they like looking at a home. They can rewind and check out the kitchen multiple times, pause when it gets to the living room so they can get a better feel for the aspects, or view

as many times as they like and see smaller extras like storage space and other added benefits.

Cut down the time it takes to let with a video viewing

Good-quality videos that provide an accurate representation of the property can increase the chance of a quick let. A renter won't want to miss out on somewhere that looks like a great place to live, and without having to view the home physically, they secure the property faster.

It speeds up the process for letting agents too, as you don't need to spend your time shuffling between properties and going from one viewing to another. Instead, you can spend that extra time focusing on landing new landlords while dangling the carrot that you're the agency that gets lightning-fast lets.

Home Walkthroughs with Movebubble

As you might have guessed, we're big fans of video viewings here at Movebubble. That's because our 700,000-plus renters have shown a desire for video viewings themselves, and our Home Walkthroughs allow you to upload a video viewing to the platform in minutes.

Renters even have the opportunity to secure the property with Instant Booking, meaning they place a holding deposit after the video viewing and are instantly verified. All you need to do is upload the video.

And the winner is...

Video viewings offer an easy and accessible way for you to show-off your stock and renters to find homes. You might not win an Oscar for a video viewing, but you'll capture the hearts and minds of modern-day renters. And that's better than any award on offer if you ask us.

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