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letting agents

How Can Landing Pages Help Your Letting Agency?

Leads are the holy grail for any business. In the world of lettings, they come in the form of landlords and renters,
3 Read time by Simon Banks
letting agents

How Can Letting Agents Win at Email Marketing?

With so many ways to market your letting agency, choosing a strategy to find new landlords and renters can be a
3 Read time by Simon Banks
letting agents

How to Reduce Marketing Costs at Your Letting Agency

Marketing isn’t like a tap that you can turn on and off whenever you please. It’s an ever-flowing method to generate
3 Read time by Simon Banks
letting agents

Should Your Letting Agency Still Use Newspaper Advertising?

Once upon a time, the only way you could find the latest rental property was by flicking through a local newspaper.
2 Read time by Simon Banks

Agent Advice

new business

How to Have Great Chats With Renters

The late Bob Hoskins once said, “it’s good to talk,” and he wasn’t wrong. The famous actor may have been referring
3 min Read time by Simon Banks
Modern day agents

Win More Valuations!

At Movebubble we know that being able to win more landlords is the key to building a successful letting agency,
3 min Read time by Julie Davidson
thought leadership

How to Create Content That Attracts Landlords to Your Website

Whoever coined the term “thought leader” was really onto something. Who doesn’t want to be a leader of thoughts?
4 min Read time by Simon Banks

How to Win When You're on a Landlord Valuation

Hey lovely agents! Winning a landlord valuation is one of the most important parts of your business: no agency could
4 min Read time by Amy McKechnie

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