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  • Meet the Movebubblers: An Introduction to Lucy

Meet the Movebubblers: An Introduction to Lucy

30 April 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

Here at Movebubble, we like to put faces to the names who are helping our awesome partners and renters. That’s why we’ve started “Meet the Movebubblers.” Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll get to know our team, learn what makes them tick, and find out more about their role.

So, without further ado, say hello to Lucy.

Who are you?

I’m Lucy, and I work as the Customer Success Manager at Movebubble.

What do you love about working for Movebubble?

It’s got to be the awesome Movebubble team I work with. I know everyone always says they love their team, but that really is the case here. They’re inspiring, hilarious and full of energy.

I also really love all the conversations and dealings I have with the 100s of partners I speak to each week.

Tell us about your journey so far

My career started in PR, an industry I worked in for more than five years. However, last summer, I decided it was time for a change and a new direction. After finding my new home (which was on Movebubble, btw), I applied for their job listing for Customer Success Manager.

What does your day-to-day look like at Movebubble?

I always start the day off with a long walk before work. I find that it helps me clear my head and get ready for what’s ahead. Once I’m with the team, we start things off with a morning call where we go over things in coming up and update everyone on what we’re doing.

Then I check the property listing on the platform to make sure everything’s up to date. I like to check in with our partners, too, making sure everything is running smoothly and responding to any questions and queries they may have. Next, I do a bit of reporting and have a brainstorming session with the team to generate new ideas.

What do you love about your role?

It brings variety. Even though I just described my day-to-day, the truth is that no two days are the same, and I’m always learning something new. That’s the main thing I really love about the role. The partners I work with are also amazing, and it’s great seeing so many solutions for renters from our partners.

Oh, and the lols I get from my team. Can’t forget the lols.

How is Movebubble doing it for renters?

Well, It did it for me! I found my house through Movebubble, and was so impressed I decided to come and be part of the team. It’s the first time I’ve really seen a brand that's so in tune with its customers. New products are launched off the back of renter feedback, and the company listens to its renters and partners. Movebubble is always coming up with new ways to improve the platform. I love that!

Let’s round this up with our last question:

Favourite area?

Balham, in southwest London. It’s where I live and call “home.”


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