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  • Meet the Movebubblers: An Introduction to Julie

Meet the Movebubblers: An Introduction to Julie

28 May 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

We're back for another Meet the Movebubblers, and this week we're talking to Julie, Head of the Agent Partnership Team.

What does Julie have to say about working with partners, what it's like working at Movebubble and where she'd move if money were no object?

Let's find out.

Tell us what you do at Movebubble?

I head up the agent partnership team here at Movebubble, which means I interact with the agents who want to join our platform. My role involves understanding their business, the challenges they face attracting modern-day renters and how Movebubble can help them.

When agents first come to us, they often don't know how effective Movebubble is for generating leads and helping to deal with renter enquiries. It's great speaking with them and providing insight before seeing the fantastic results and feedback after they join.

What was your first job?

At the age of 13, I got a job working in a factory packing sweets. I always wanted new stuff like trainers, music and clothes, and my mum told me that I needed to work for them. So I went and got a job in a sweet shop to pay for my Reebok High-Tops.

What's one thing that surprises you about working at Movebubble?

I've been really impressed with how well we've all coped with remote working during the lockdown. I initially thought it would be tough, but regular catch-ups and check-ins with the team have helped massively. We launched video walkthroughs during lockdown, and it's been one of our most popular features. It just goes to show how great teamwork leads to success.

What's something that you're really bad at?

Making cocktails! I just can't get the quantities or techniques right. Maybe once lockdown is over, I'll book myself into a mixology class.

What's something that you're really good at?

I might not be a master at making cocktails, but I have no problem drinking them.

If money was no object, which area would you choose to live in London?

Probably Dulwich Village. It's not that far from where I live now and is just lovely. The area doesn't even feel like you're in London; it has beautiful green spaces, boutique shops and great little restaurants.

Pub and restaurants in Dulwich Village

Finally, any advice for any first time renters in London?

Don't think you have to live near the centre of London to be close to shops and have a good social life. I live in Zone 3, and there's loads of great things happening at the weekends locally. There are lots of amazing restaurants and bars too.

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